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Or, another interview with Igor, on the occasion of the meeting in Warsaw. ()

NEMIROFF again in November, location to be determined. Unofficially, we know that it will be a luxury hotel in the city center, but not the one in which the event was held last year. I assure you that it will be even closer to the Warsaw Central Railway Station and the airport (and I don’t mean the mock-up in Modlin :-). Views will be comparable, several interesting clubs (not just fitness clubs:-) in the neighbourhood.

The date is set for November 8-10, so we’ll miss an unforgettable sight of police and demonstrations on the Polish Independence Day on November 11. But those who want to, can  stay a bit longer.

We started our conversation with the news of the day, that is, deleting wrestling from the list of core Olympic sports.

Igor, after all many armwrestlers began their careers as wrestlers in the early 90s. I mean the first group of Russians who competed in the famous confrontation with the Americans…

Igor: I don’t know why, but at that time Armwrestling was somehow associated with wrestling, which after all is nonsense, because Armwrestling has nothing to do with wrestling...

I cannot agree with you. These two sports have a lot in common, for wrestlers in those days were well prepared to armwrestle, thanks to overall fitness, flexibility, and many others ... They also had a proven methodology and they certainly used it in a general sense. I also remember that some good wrestling trainers in Russia got into Armwrestling.

As it happens, our discussion stretched over an hour, but it will be the subject of another article. Then we moved to the question - whether our aspiration to join the group of Olympic or Paralympics sports is appropriate or not.

Again, we were of different opinions. Igor believes that being among the Olympic sports is a great honor for every sport and it is not likely to change in near future, regardless of the development of the Olympic Movement.
I think that the historical process is unfolding so rapidly that the Olympic Movement will disintegrate into several factions and decentralize, before we notice it. Time will tell. Now, our task is to join the Sport Accord!

Championships of Poland in the Castle of Gniew was another topic, important not only for Polish athletes. As hosts of the World Cup, we just have to show ourselves to our best advantage!

Igor: I expect that 2013 will be a peak year in our sport. Two major international events in Lithuania and Gdynia represent big challenges for armwrestlers... For sure the tables at the Castle will be “flying”.

And let’s not forget about the end of the season, the World Cup. I’d like our athletes to take the best places there. This season, participation of our team at full strength in the European and World Championships will certainly bring a lot of experience to our athletes and will help them.

How will members of the national team be selected? Will the same squad represent us at the European and World Championships?

Igor: Exactly. The winners of the first two places will automatically join the national team for both events.

And if anyone drops out?

Igor: Then, the person who took the third place will replace him or her.

Who will be our Team Captain?

Igor: Do you have a candidate?

Yes, I do. It’s a woman.

Igor: We will ask everyone for their opinion at the Congress of AFP during the Championships of Poland.


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