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KRASI, IT’S YOUR LAST CHANCE.. # Armwrestling #

To defeat me, announces Arsen „Shrek” Liliev. ()

When I called him in the morning, 2nd May, which is six days before the start of the European Championships, Shrek was training. He was slightly breathless. So I called him again after an hour. This time he had a little calmer breath and we could talk for a while.

At the beginning I asked him a trivial question: Will you take revenge on Krasimir Kostadinov for your defeat in Brazil?

Arsen: I’ll put it this way - now, in Lithuania "Krasi" will have his last chance to defeat me! You all know that I didn’t plan the previous season well. We all know how it ended for me.

Now I’ve adopted a different approach to things. I haven’t made any particular effort to prepare for this year’s European Championships, as I’m going to fully concentrate on the A1 tournament, and then on the World Championships in Poland, and (again, in Poland) on Nemiroff 2013.

Is there any rival who could stop you, apart from Krasimir?
Arsen: Krasimir is strong and I can’t ignore him. As for the others ... Everyone will try to win. We'll see.

We’ve heard that you have a serious girlfriend. When are going to get married?

Arsen: We are planning on getting married in July. 



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