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IT IS JUST GREAT! # Armwrestling #

Full of enthusiasm I’m sending my first report from the European Championships. ()

Full of enthusiasm I’m sending my first report from the European Championships.

Druskininkai, a small town on the Neman, is a spa resort where wooden villas of the 19th century border with modern hotels and a beautiful water park. Greenery, peace and quiet only to be disturbed by us. Beautiful female competitors and handsome athletes. If you’ve got some time, come and join us!


An hour before the EAF congress, WAF President – Assen as always assured that the competition would be a success with about 650 competitors taking part. There were some minor problems, but now everything is ready right down to a T.

Of course, had it not been for our Secretary- General, David would have had a problem with getting to the town, but eventually he made it. Thanks Mirca! Alexander Filimonov, head of the Russian team while distributing the t-shirts.


In a moment we’ll get accurate data on the number of Russian competitors. Now we know that about 150 Russian athletes came to Lithuania. In the picture Arsen Shrek Liliev who is a talented billiard player. How will he come out at the championships? He only smiled. Next to Arsen – Irina who has already announced that she would defend her titles successfully.


The team of Azerbaijan on the bikes? Apparently that’s their way to lose weight.

Interviews with some competitors will soon appear on our website. Now take a look at the pictures.

Best regards from Lithuania!


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