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LET’S THINK ABOUT – PART 2 # Armwrestling #

Before publishing this article, I sent it to Maciej Gralak to ask about his opinion (Maciej competes in disabled and senior categories). That’s what he wrote: ()

Maciej Gralak: Currently matches between disabled athletes are a kind of free-for-all. I totally agree with you that the position in which competitors fight should be clearly precised. In my opinion, a disabled competitor fighting in a sitting position should have a right to raise his buttocks without rising from the chair, as it was in the past. It was fair enough. I also feel that it’s worth introducing a new category for the disabled who can fight standing up.

I would definitely be in favour of such matches and such a category as it is much easier for me to fight while I’m standing up. Matches between disabled athletes under the current rules sometimes look comical. I get an impression that the various positions during matches tend to highlight competitors’ disability. Not to mention the fact that the setting process before matches is tiring for disabled athletes. Best regards to the readers!

Gralak Team

I’m still hoping to get some feedback from other competitors.

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