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Details concerning the TOP 16 project >>>

Details concerning the TOP 16 project # Armwrestling #

We now know the budget, transmission details, and the venue and list of contestants. ()

The TOP 16 project, planned for launching in May of this year, is causing a lot of speculations, gossip and emotions.

Indeed, it was planned to launch in May. And May it is, but o TOP 16.

Lets start with the basicsTOP 16 is not a myth, its a real organization with WAC and Igor Mazurenko in the lead. The project is at the stage ofpaperology. The official contracts have not been signed in time. There are no official directives signed and sealed, to guide us is our actions. The project came to a standstill and the most inopportune time. Igor Mazurenko believed that problems could be solved at the right time.

While WAC officials were looking for a way out, the potential contestants started to doubt the reality of the project, and to question their part in it. And when a fighter is saying that the fight might not take placemany start to believe him.

Today Igor Mazurenko is ready to fill us in on the details of the operation and its realities.
the time, our team is nearing the final stage of dealing with contracts and investorssays Mazurenko.Weve decided to not only form a new event, but a new level of competition. Thats why sponsor money is not everything. Weve drawn in whole enterprises ready to support TOP 16 and its potential. Just make the calculations yourselfthe budget is huge, especially in armwrestling4 million dollars, 1.4000 thousand prize money. You might ask – “why would anyone invest so much money in a little known sport?. Wellpeople believe that with such and enormous event, popularity will follow, and money with it. Its just like with the UFC, they started something new too, and look at them today! The UFC tournaments go head to head in popularity with boxing matches, and fights are broadcast in 130 countries, in over 20 languages. Those who invested at the beginning, sleep on money now. The TOP 16 investors expect a similar outcome, and armwrestling has every chance to satisfy their expectations.

Its already known that the tournament will take place in Turkey, USA and Switzerland. Were planning a much larger expansion, though, its underway as we speak. But lets speak of what were certain of.

Well send out invites to those contestants who are already on our listsays Mazurenko.Theyll decide if they want to sign with us. There are no third parties involved in those negotiations. We contact contestants only, its their role to sayyesorno. If we get sent to any third parties (like another organizations that a fighter might have contracts with), we will make no additional deals. Were only interested in people who are willing to work with WAC. We cannot at this point discuss the transmission of TOP 16, negotiations are underway with many stations, some contracts have been signed already. Its a goal for WAC to broadcast armwrestling as wide as possible.

Our focus is on our project, and on our young audiencesays Mazurenko.I want boys to see armwrestling on TV and get interested in it. That will get us more potential fighters. Children will follow not only Cristiano Ronaldo, Floyd Mayweather and other famous sportsmen, but also famous armwrestlers, who also have a lot to teach us, they just need the chance and the exposure.

There is no exact date when the TOP 16 will launch. Mazurenko is certain that by the end of this year / beginning of next year all organizational issues will be closed, and the tournament will start. So despite all the discussions, doubts, quarrels and whatnot, the event is now a hostage of the situation. We will keep updated. And now, all thats left to do is wait for this revolution in armwrestling.

Artur Grigorian

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