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Worlds 2014 - report # Armwrestling #


Dear friends,

We have done next World Armwrestling Championship. You passed long and hard 4 days of the championship. I passed long 9 days of hard work. Let me present you my report from this year event. I think this time it's requested.

About one month ago, before the championship, as the Technical Director of WAF i received information about the budgette problem in Lithuanian Armwrestling Federation for this event. At that time I was calling our president few times to inform him what is the situation over there. I was trying to inform him that we have to prepare ourself for the worst scenario ever - no budgette for support and technical things that we need for this event. I received information, that this is Lithuanian Armwrestling Federation problem.

When I arrived in Vilnius, I saw that the worst situation is real. Budgette of Lithuanian Armwrestling Federation for this event is too small to run it as we request. We can not cover all expences for light, sound, stage, medals and other stuff that we need. During all days - saturday and sunday I was trying to set-up the stage configuration, light and sound. After a long conversations we found it. We decrease cost of the technical stuff for about 50%. I think it's good result. And then we agreed, that the technical crue will set everything together at the venue at monday morning. Our goal was to get the venue ready till tuesday evening. We made it.

During the first days in Vilnus I saw, that there is no support from Lithuanian Armwrestling Federation. Thats why I had to make more that it is in my duties. That's why (as you saw) there some mistakes during the event.

But with my great team with big experience - we made it without big problems

But there is some points that I would like to show you.

During this event there was new Scoring Director - Mr. Florin Lazar from Romania. During the all event and preparations for it - me and my team (Peter Veres, Anastasia Kisilova oraz Olesya Romanenko) we received a lot of not nice frases about us and about our work. Words used during this conversations was far away from usually accepted. Uncensural frazes what I received never should be tolerated by WAF and it's unaccepted at all.

During the 4-th day of the event I received information from Anna Mazurenko, that they will not get permition to use their tables because the Lithuanian Armwrestling Federation didn't pay for those tables and other stuff. I came with that info to Mr Assen Hadjitodorov to inform him about this request. At the same time my team prepared the starting lists and refereees was cheking that near the stage. After my information Mr Assen inform all the competitors and teams that I will not start the championship and I'm not going to listen to him. And that was totally not true.

During the last day of the event, when the team awards time came - Mr Humberto Panzetti (President of Brazilian Federation) offend my team member - Olesya Romanenko. He made it in public way. He used words, that I can not quote here. This kind of behavior usually was punished (event with team disqualification).

This moments was totally ignored by WAF (specially by Mr Assen Hadjitodorov). Right now, as the Technical Director of WAF I'm responsible for my team. This team made this event and they deserve for more respect. Right now I'm waiting for WAF response, draw the consequences and official public apology.

Marcin Mielniczuk
Technical Director of WAF

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