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Armfight #43: Tim Bresnan vs Evgeni Prudnik >>>

Armfight #43: Tim Bresnan vs Evgeni Prudnik # Armwrestling #

He shouldn’t have fought – thinks Bresnan. I heard his wrist crackle and pop… ()

During the July Vendetta in Vegas Tim Bresnan met Evgenyi Prudnik. And although many would have put their money on Prudnik, the veteran of armwrestling, Bresnan, was the one to win.

- I top rolled him in the first round – says Tim. – It was easy, I heard his wrist crackle. I went into hook in second and third, same in fourth, and that was that. It was much easier than I thought.

Prudnik is not an easy opponent. Maybe his loss is due to his injury that he suffered during the last EC’s.

- I think he shouldn’t have fought – says Bresnan. – I heard he was injured. He’s young and very good, this was not worth it. His coach told him the same.

He could have had just this small injury, heal it in a month or so. Now he has a huge one, 8 – 9 months’ worth of healing, maybe even surgery. I know he thought I would be weak and slow, but I came here to win.

Tim Bresnan was in excellent form. So excellent in fact, he said he could fight Pushkar right away. – I was planning to win, although not by hook. But still, it went as I planned. I think Evgenyi is going to have a lot of trouble with his wrist now. It cracked a lot of times by the end of round one.

Bresnan vs Prudnik went 4:0.

Armfight #43 took place on 12th July, Sunday, 15 – 18 at the Vinyl Club in Hard Rock Hotel & Casino.


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