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Evgenyi Prudnik after Armfight#43 >>>

Evgenyi Prudnik after Armfight#43 # Armwrestling #

Armwrestler on the July Vendetta in Vegas and his fight with Tim Bresnan. ()

What are your thoughts on your fight at Vendetta in Vegas - Armfight#43 ?

I had not time to heal my injury and prepare myself for the armfight. I couldn’t lift the kind of weights I used to, so I was no match for Tim Bresnan. The pain wouldn’t let me prepare myself properly, all my training was aimed at rebuilding, not making top form.

How was fighting with an injured shoulder?

I wanted to fight the first round cautiously. I wanted to get around Tim, but I realized that would not be possible without engaging the shoulder. My wrist was weak and kept crackling during the fight. I tried to take the second fight to hook, but couldn’t. Still nothing without the shoulder.

I finally engaged the shoulder in round three, but I felt pain and had to let go. In round four I realized there was no point in fighting on. No matter how hard I tried, the shoulder wouldn’t let me press with maximum force. It’s all about the shoulder now, this injury I suffered at the EC’s.

Do you think your armfight went wrong because of the injury?

I think so! I could have been much better prepared.

Will you fight in A1?

If I do, then in left arm only. I’m leaving the right one in peace, to let it regenerate.

Will we see you at the Worlds in Malaysia?

Yes, I will fight with left arm, not sure about the right. If I feel I can train it, I will fight.

Get back to good health soon!




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