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Armfight #44: Dawid Bartosiewicz >>>

Armfight #44: Dawid Bartosiewicz # Armwrestling #

At the upcoming Vendetta in Vegas, the Polish fighter will face Brazilian Eduardo Tiete. ()

He's been one of the top Polish armwrestlers for years now. Armwrestling seems to be in his blood. His brother, Piotr Bartosiewicz, won the tittle of the Strongest Pole in 2014. Dawid Bartosiewicz wrestles in right arm mostly, as he has a torn fastening in the left. On 24th October, at Vendetta in Vegas – armfight #44 – Dawid will fight Brazilian Eduardo Tiete in right arm. They met before at the Professionals' World Cup in Warsaw in 2013.

We both didn't do well that time, but we tried our skills at a side table – says Bartosiewicz. - The fight was very equal. Eduardo is very strong. Thanks to this sparring session I've learned his weaknesses. I know he is the pride of Brazilian armwrestling. He can fight heavyweights, I saw him fight on the Internet, with gus I also know. In most of those fights he was really impressive. I think we are on the same level and the fight should be very fair.

They will fight in 78 kg 156 - 172 lbs, middleweight category, although it is hard for Bartosiewicz to keep this weight, as he is preparing for Zloty Tur, where he will fight in 86 kg.

What will the fight be like? Many fans of armwrestling and Vendetta in Vegas await the outcome.

But even if it's a tough one, it would be nothing new for Bartosiewicz.

In my armwrestling career I had two difficult fights, which I recall to this day - says Bartosiewicz. - The first was at the Nemiroff World Cup in 2008, in right arm. I fought Vitatali Kalmykov from Russia. During the semi-finals I stopped him 1 cm over the pad and I barely pulled out from the losing position. The fight lasted about a minute, the audience went wild, and I finally won the fight thanks to the audience support. The second fight was with Vadim Akperov from Russia, at the Worlds in Gdynia in 2013. I fought him twice that day, in eliminations and semis. This was a very hard fight, full of fouls, in hook. I won by fouls, but I felt that I was stronger and I still feel sorry that it has ended this way.

What does Bartosiewicz think of his chances with Eduardo Tiete?

There may be many break-ups and fighting in straps and hooking, which Eduardo is famous for – says Dawid. - It can go many different ways, I definitely want to overpower my opponent.

Armfight #44 will take place on 24th October in Las Vegas, on one of the scenes at Fremont Street. There will also be a TV broadcast in CBS Sport Network, we will keep you posted on that.


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