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Armfight #44: Eduardo Tiete >>>

Armfight #44: Eduardo Tiete # Armwrestling #

In the upcoming Vendetta in Vegas, the Brazilian will face the top Polish armwrestler, Dawid Bartosiewicz. ()

The 36-years old Brazilian started his career in 1994. So far he has won 15 national titles, 1st place at the Worlds in Egypt in 2002, 2nd place at the Worlds in Brazil in 2004, 2nd place at the Worlds in Japan 2005, and 3rd place in Worlds in Brazil 2012. He's also had a few pro fights in USA, with the best fighters in his category.

I'm really passionate about the sport, I even started a Brazilian league, ZT Armwrestling League, where I promote major events involving five Southern American countries – says Eduardo Tiete, who will compete in the upcoming Vendetta in Vegas. - To this day it is the biggest league in the region.

He fights with both arms at tournaments, at super-events he prefers to fight with his right. He says his hook is better in right arm. In Tiete's opinion, the up to 80 kg has many strong athletes, but his toughest opponents were Amolins and Zoloev.

Eduardo Tiete will face Dawid Bartosiewicz in armfight #44.

He's one of the best in his category in Poland – says Tiete. - I respect him as a sportsman, but I'm still preparing to win.

At the armfigtu #44 they will fight in 78 kg 156 - 172 lbs, middleweight. How is Tiete preparing for the fight? He won't tell us that.

I've decided to start training earlier this year, for the superfight in May, at the UAL 10 – says Tiete. I won with Kevin Bongard there, and Igor Mazurenko told me that he is planning to put me in armfight 44. So I just keep on training for the Vendetta.

What does he expect from the armfight?

A win and a good show – says Eduardo. - I'd like to be in the next armfight.


Armfight #44 will take place on 24th October in Las Vegas, on one of the scenes at Fremont Street. There will also be a TV broadcast in CBS Sport Network, we will keep you posted on that.


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