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A way to Vendetta #46. Dmitry Silaev >>>

A way to Vendetta #46. Dmitry Silaev # Armwrestling #

Dmitry Silaev, a young and talented Russian sportsman, will take part in Vendetta in Vegas #46 All Stars. ()

Dmitry’s rival is an experienced the US armwrestler Tim Bresnan. Dmitry is waiting for a difficult fight because his opponent is real master of armfights. But Dmitry is talented, at a young (for armwrestling) age he is a real heavyweight. He has impressive performance, good technique of pulling and a very fast start. He has all the chances to win. The only component in what that Dmitry is not a competitor to his opponent is experience.

Dmitry’s sports career developed rapidly, he has become an absolute Russian heavyweight champion, also he took third place at the World Championship in Malaysia and 2nd place in Zloty Tur open class in Poland. After all a participation in Vendetta #46 is quite logical continuation of his way.

Dmitry has serious approach to the preparation. He focuses not only on improving physical and technical parameters, but also preparing to fight tactically:

"My training has changed, it is necessary to analyze and adapt to the rival’s technique.

In fact, I find it difficult to prepare for a specific opponent than to a regular competition, it is necessary to strengthen all my sides. To win the armfight I need to come to the table in perfect shape".

Dmitry didn’t meet at the table with his opponent before, so he doesn’t know what to expect:

"I can’t say anything Tim’s strengths and weaknesses, because I never met him at the table. But I think that "native walls" will help him to pull".

Dmitry predicts the following about other participants of this great event:

"Dmitry has great endurance, so if he could stop Andrey’s start, he wins. Denis Tsyplenkov will win Michael because he’s just stronger. About Vazgen Soghoyan and Hristo Delidjakov I could say that if Hristo could use all his entire arsenal of tricks, we will see a real battle".

This is Dmtiry’s debut armfight, so fans expect for a classic confrontation between youth and experience, and soon we'll find out who will emerge victorious from this fight.

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