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Zloty Tur and Professional World Cup. Paragraph "ZERO" >>>

Zloty Tur and Professional World Cup. Paragraph "ZERO" # Armwrestling #

Unique fragments of the book written by Igor Mazurenko came to Touch the history of the Zloty Tur! ()

Zloty Tur # 1

February 20, 2000

Gdynia, Tomado Club

Prize: $ 1,200

It actually was a match Poland vs Ukraine. We should have started with something, and athletes from the Ukraine were close to us, they wanted to participate, and most importantly – they were high-leveled. It was the first meeting on the first permanently inscribed in the history of armwrestling in Poland, and later in the whole world. In 2003, an international organization Professional Armwrestling League (PAL) noticed achieves of "Tur" and took us under its wing. "Zloty Tur Cup" was transformed into "Professional World Cup".

2000 year and the first Zloty Tur were conclusive dominance Ukrainian participants with Gregory Bondaruk starring. Polish players, even though I selected the best of the best, had no chance.

Figures do not lie:

Starters: five women and twenty-nine men, two performances in Poland and Ukraine. Outside the competition turned out to be Ukrainian Bondaruk Gregory, who won both in his weight category (-81 kg), and in the prestigious open category. This Ukrainian guy who weighted barely 78 kg, had no problems with the victory over the participants, which shape just accelerated heartbeat.

From Editor's Note (Piotr Szymanowski): Again, I allow myself to delve into memories. The phenomenon of participation in the Zloty Tur were people with disabilities. I once helped the participant in a wheelchair during the battle. He contended with the rival’s coach with emotion and cries. He fall off the platform and lost his voice. But won! There’s no other sport discipline which accepts members with disabilities so obvious open and direct way! Without big words and declarations, without ostentation. No matter if someone comes to the table on the prostheses or on a wheelchair. He fights! This is one of the phenomena of armwrestling. Then, during the first round Dariusz Gabrynowicz, won in the finals with Janusz Bulka.

Ladies, too, showed mostly male audience, that they know how to fight.

In the category up to 60 kg Irena Zhelinska from Ukraine was the strongest, in the final she won Miroslava Karashinska, Poland. In a weight class +60 kg for the title of the strongest female hand fought three girls. The first place was taken by Katarzyna Terman, who put to the pad Annette Flerchik *. Third place went to Eva Przytulska (also powerlifter).

Aneta Flerchik* - powerlifter, weightlifters. She reached the peak of her athletic career when winning the competition for the title of strongest women of the world. As a power athlete, she has dominated opponents for many years.

Men. The competition in each weight category took place between members of Ukraine and Poland. Our neighbors were the best in three light categories. Among athletes, whose weight does not exceed 65 kg, Anton Sobko won Taras Mukha (Ukraine). Polish participants’ honor was defended by Ireneusz Szymanski, who took third place in the category of -65 kg. Meanwhile, in the next weight category -73 kg Andriy Svitlyk won two Poles: Sebastian Clos and Daniel Reszka. The first places of three heaviest weight categories were taken by Poles: Bartlomiej Babii (-90 kg), Miroslav Myszka (-100 kg) and Ireneusz Weber (+100 kg).

My fight night. How it looked from the sporting point of view? Losing! It means the loss of our team. We had no idea what to do at the table. Ukrainians at the beginning of the era were ahead  the Poles. I realized – how much we still need to do. I will never forget the last battle, an informal " Evening Battle" at this tournament. It was my fight with Bondaruk. And then I weighed 135 kg. Lost. How? I did not even imagine how it happened!

How we could evaluate it from the organization’s point? Everything was new to us, we have just learned. Still, we could provide a prize pool of $ 1,200. Yes, that's right - one thousand two hundred dollars.

First Zloty Tur was an inspiration for me to continue the work. So it all started. For myself, I have realized that armwrestling is not everything. I decided to "win" in every aspect to that took place there and what could happen around this sport. I can not hide it, I had my head in clouds and had big dreams.

Text:Igor Mazurenko Edition:PeSzy

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