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Rafiq Gunashev: "I believe that I will take a worthy place!" >>>

Rafiq Gunashev: "I believe that I will take a worthy place!" # Armwrestling #

Azerbaijani athlete Rafiq Gunashev made many heavyweights nervous while having visited Zloty Tur second time last year. What' s he preparing this time? ()

So, having won only the seventh place in 2015, in 2016 Rafiq climbed to the third in a tough fight, letting forward only Ermes Gasparini and Rustam Babaev (who, as we remember, pulled quite well in the open category, finishing fourth and fifth respectively) . In social networks the athlete does not hesitate to share news about his training, posting video exercises in which he raises solid weights.

How ready is Rafiq for the tournament?

How your the preparation for the Zloty Tur? Does everything go as planned?

– At the very least, I want to repeat last year's result that’s why I prepare intensively, but, of course, I believe that I will take a worthy place.

What results do you expect?

– Only wins!

Who do you consider the most difficult opponent and why?

– There are no weak athletes on the Zloty Tur, you can lose an unexpected opponent at any time. As I, for example, became a surprise for many strong rivals last time.

A few words about the pairs on Vendetta. Who do you think will win and why?

- Concerning Vendetta, I will say this: if Rustam is in good shape, he will calmly pass Todd. But for example, in a fight with Trubin, for some reason I consider Chaffee's favorite. But this is a sport, and I want the most worthy to win!

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