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Shynbolat Raihanov: "I want to become a three-time world champion" >>>

Shynbolat Raihanov: "I want to become a three-time world champion" # Armwrestling #

One of the strongest Kazakh armwrestlers, Shynbolat Raihanov, at this year's Tour Zloty took only third place. What was the reason? ()

Last year's finalist Shynbolat Raykhanov this time could hardly occupy only the third place, he, unfortunately, was unable to repeat the success of their success at the World Cup.

Shynbolat, this year you pulled on the right hand, as in the past. Why do you not pull on the left?

I injured left hand on the championship of Kazakhstan, 2014. Before it my left arm was stronger than the right. Now I began to struggle on the left, but in competitions of republican level.

This time you lost vs Georgian Davit Samushia and Lithuanian Sarunas Manarka...

The fact that I am not trained completely after the World Championship. I work as deputy director of the state sports school. End of the year, reports and the so on. In short, I was not ready. But I was not able to miss this holiday of armwrestling.

It was harder than last year?

Fighting the World Cup is always hard. Here, all the athletes are very strong and well-prepared. I think there is no simply fights. The following year Iwill come prepared, and God willing, I will win.

Who was your most difficult opponent?

The most difficult opponent as the world championship and here was Georgian Davit Samushia. He is very strong and promising athlete.

If it were possible to re-pull, what would you fix?

The tournament was not easy at the table. All were very strong, prepared. To be honest, I am pleasured with my results - without preparation I was at top three winners, and I am satisfied. I don’t want anyone to fight after the competition, but I will be ready at 100% next year, and hopefully I win in all category.

Tell about the general impressions of the tournament, please?

The tournament always takes a high level, every year - only good impressions and sensations. I looked after my entry for heavyweights category – there was only a strategic pulling. And throughout the more questions than answers - who is stronger in the tournament. I think next year will be very hot.

Share, please, plans for the future.

World Cup was my last competition in this year. The year was very busy, a little rest, and then will gather in Astana for a meeting with the President in honor of the 25th anniversary of Independence of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

My main plan - the goal of becoming a three-time world champion in the next year.

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