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Know-how from Vitaly Laletin >>>

Know-how from Vitaly Laletin # Armwrestling #

Vitaly Laletin had rightly become one of the heroes of the Tour Zloty. Despite all the obstacles with which he was confronted, he fought well and surprised everybody. ()

More recently, Vitaly took two medals at the world championships in Bulgaria, and now Zloty Tur. But the sportsman says he was able to prepare for the tournament, although there was little time:

"On the Zloty Tur, actually, I decided to go for two weeks before the event, when I had the money for the road. I added a bit, but my hand has not been rested after the Worls. I was sure about my  left hand, but, unfortunately, I was late for 20 minutes for start".

Despite the fact that Vitaly was not able to pull in his category on the left hand, he still decided to fight, but in the category of +105 kg. He modestly said about this, but we all remember what he did in the first fight:

"I was late because of a visa, I got it at that moment when the guys already went for weighing. In spite of everything, I still went with the hope to pull even on the right hand. When I arrived late in the category of 105 kg, I was invited to pull to 105 kg, I thought to myself - "Did I come for nothing?" and agreed. And I wasn’t frustrated during the fights".

The frustration?! Vitaly forced to jump screaming the whole audience. For several years, no one can do anything with the left hand of Andrey Pushkar. But a second after the command "Go!" Andrey's hand was on the pad. But the second time the attemptfailed to overcome Andrey failed:

"Indeed, I won, and we did not expect at the start I was faster. In fact, on the grip it’s not always possible to know the strength of opponent.

Andrey is stronger, so he beat me in our next match".

On the second day, Vitaly also showed excellent fight and won decent prizes in category and in ultimate, and most importantly, he was pleased with his fight:

"Overall, I am satisfied with my performance. I had am uncomfortable fight with Dmitry Trubin, he is stronger and  he fought, mainly, in the same style. Conclusion for me is only one: there’s no undefeated".

Right hand ultimate was one of the most interesting stories. Vitaly has not only become a part of it, he still reached to the finals, where he lost to Andrey Pushkar. We believe that he rightly won the silver medal, and what does he think?

"I think that a lot of sportsmen could have a place in the top three. All participants were very strong, but everything turned out the other way".

Sports season is over for Vitaly. We see his fights again in the new year. And more good news - Vitaly confirmed that next year will again take part in the Zloty Tur:

"I enjoyed it, it was at the highest level! Next year I will come and pull. Season this is over, I will prepare for the championship of Russia, and while cure arms".

Vitaly – is a real example to follow. He is humble, but his victory saying everything for him. Absolute champion Zloty Tour 2016 Andrey Pushkar said about Vitaly: "Vitali – is  the athlete who has to stand on the podium." We look forward to next season and new performances of Vitaly. Stay with us and stay tuned to

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