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Genady Kvikvinia: "When I pull, I don't see anyone around" >>>

Genady Kvikvinia: "When I pull, I don't see anyone around" # Armwrestling #

On Zloty Tur or refereeing low quality, or errors (and possibly both) did not allow Genadi Kvikvinia to pick up the category gold. ()

But in spite of this the Georgian athlete showed good fight and a very good shape after the Worlds.

How was your Zloty Tour this year? Was it more difficult than the Worlds?

This year Zloty Tur was at the highest level. Igor Mazurenko and his team surprised me many times, but this year I bow my head in front of them, they are great.

Zloty Tour – it's always hard, but I want to say that I could not recover at 100% after the Worlds. After the final with Dmitry Trubin I was tired. I honestly do not even want to fight. But I am a person like this: never give up. Therefore, I am pleased with the result. All sportsmen were monsters, all were very strong. But one day I want to perfectly prepare for Zloty Tur and win it in the end!

How are you pleased with your shape?

The sape I have now is pretty good. I recover, rest after Zloty Tour and started training, but only with light weights. About the rest rest – I am not on my peak, but I am good enough.

Whom would like to distinguish?

Of course, I admitted Rustam Babayev, in fact he had brilliant came back. I can say for sure that he is not yet at the peak of his form, rather halfway to it. When he will fight with full force, then he will show them all. And, of course, Dmitry Trubin - Optimus Prime - was good. Pushkar laid out in full force. What can I say, I didn’t win because of tiredness or I just could not start... But the shoulder did not feel right.

I note that I would like to compete in the armfight with Krasimir Kostadinov. Soon the European Championship will be held, and I think I will take revenge.

In general, Krasimir is very strong. As Babayev, whose hands are small, but the strength in them is huge!

What do you think about the work of the referees?

Regarding the refereeing – I said repeatedly. Show video replay with our final with Trubin - there was a foul or no foul?! All videos were repeated, and our one - no. I'm sure there was a slip, but we were both without a foul. So the level of refereeing was low.

This is not a street fight, but the final. If they made it for special, then they robbed the opportunity to win Zloty Tur, and it's not fair.

Please tell us about your plans.                                                                                 

In the future I will prepare to Europeans in Poland. There will be completely different Gennady! In general, in the future I want to compete with Trubin, with Kostadinov, Todd or Pushkar, as well as Bresnan. I want to give an equal fight these monsters! If possible, I will be ready!

We wish Gennady next season to improve their results, as well as closer to the fulfillment of the dreams and the highest step on the podium Zloty Tur!


Thanks for assistance in preparing an interview to Giorgy Janashia

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