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Ukrainian Cup-2016 # Armwrestling #

December, 12 at the Sports Palace "Lokomotiv" in Kharkiv, Ukraine National Cup was held. ()

This is a traditional event, which is usually held in mid-autumn, but this year the cup held later, and it was the final tournament for many Ukrainian armwrestlers. This tournament has become rich in interesting fights. It is noteworthy that many famous athletes have decided to try their hands in unusual categories. Viktoria Ilyushina, a multiple European and world champion in the category of 55 kg has struggled this time in the category up to 65 kg. Mger Musaelyan, after taking part at Zloty Tur in the category up to 86 kg at the cup was pulling in the category up to 100 kg. In the same category Alexander Ilnitsky  European champion and medalist of the world championship in the category up to 90 kg for the juniors took part. Also in the tournament Evgeniy Prudnik took part. Evgeniy in a recent interview said that he was going as much as possible to pull with different opponents, to return to his former shape of the right hand. In connection with this, Evgeniy decided to pull in a category up to 110 kg with a body weight 93 kg. It is worth noting that in the same category Mikhail Rudakov, who recently resumed his career and is in great shape, pulled.

Viktoria Ilyushina on the left hand met very strong resistance in the face of Marina Shulika from the Poltava region, which came out of the suspension. Victoria advanced to the finals without a defeat in the first final match could not beat her rival, they fight lasted about 15 minutes. In super-match the situation repeated, the girls fought for about 7 minutes, and strong-willed victory over the legend gained Marina Shulika. On the right hand of Victoria leaving no chance to anyone and took the gold easily.

In the category up to 90 kg as a surprise to many was the defeat of Petr Margarint which at the last World Championships won the silver medal in this weight category, on his right hand. To the final Petr went unbeaten, but in the first final match he could not do anything with a strong start of Denis Guryev from Kharkov. To the super final match Petr went assembled and seemed to be ready for such a start. But Denis again showed lightning speed and powerful movement and pinned opponent’s hand. Denis became the absolute winner of the category up to 90 kg.

The hundred category untied very interesting fights. On the left hand Anton Kaliazin, the prize-winner of the Worlds in 2016 from Kiev, dealt with everybody calmly and coolly. And on the right hand Mger Musayelyan from Nikolaev and Alexander Ilnitsky from Lviv came the favorites. The guys showed great fight, incredible power and emotion. Alexander was stronger, and he was the winner of the category up to 100 kg on the right hand.

Everyone who was in the hall, waiting for the competition between Evgeniy Prudnik and Mikhail Rudakov. No one knew what to expect from their struggle, as they have never met. On the left hand in the preliminary fights Evgeniy lost for Mikhail. Evgeniy reached the finals and once again showed that he is a real master of the fight, he found the "key" to victory and twice won the fight and won first place. On the right hand Evgeniy already dominated the preliminary and has reached the final unbeaten. In the first final match Mikhail confirmed his high status, when "hooked" won. But Prudnik is a real talent, this he time found a way out, defeated and took the gold on his right hand.

Also on the Cup Rustam Babayev took part, but as a mentor and viewer. We were able to talk with him, a video interview you can see soon. Stay with us and stay tuned to

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