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Eight silver medals of Zurab Tavberidze >>>

Eight silver medals of Zurab Tavberidze # Armwrestling #

All of you are certainly not once noticed this picturesque Georgian athlete, but we want to tell you a bit more about him and 2016 season for him. ()

Zurab Tavberidze is in the sport since childhood. He tried to do different sports and he war good in it, however, injuries interrupted him and made to think about other hobbies:

"I started to do sports when I was 10 years old. The first sport was judo, which I studied for nine years. In judo, I had very good results, but then I got a serious injury and I had to quit the sport. Then I started playing rugby. I got hurt again, and had to leave the sport again after two years of workouts. In late 2013 I became interested in armwrestling and started training".

Passion for a variety of sports since childhood helped Zurab pretty quickly get used to armwrestling. A little more than a year of training, and he gets prizes in the European Championship:

"My first serious competition was European Championship-2015 in Sofia. I pulled in the category up to 80 kg. Both arms, I reached the finals, but took two second places. On the left hand I lost for Oleg Zhokh from Ukraine, and on the right – Khadzhimurat Zoloev from Russia".

Despite the short time spent in armwrestling, Zurab had a collection of eight medals. But remarkably, they all are silver:

"I now have eight medals from international championships, all silver.

European Championship 2015 – 2 silver; World championship in Malaysia – 1 silver medal; in 2016 at the European Championship – and 2 silver and at the World Championship – 2 silver. And my last tournament – Zloty Tur – and again the silver..."

Even people far removed from the sport, looking at Zurab, understand that this is a serious athlete who trains seriously too:

"I train five times a week, rarely four. My training lasts minimum four hours. In each training session I work with iron and at the table".

Despite the second place, we believe that in 2016 for Zurab was very successful. However, the athlete does not quite agree with this:

"Last year went well for me. I participated at the European Championships in Romania, the World Championships in Bulgaria and Zloty Tur, Poland. I believe that my main victories are still ahead. This year, I always lost in the finals, but the most significant achievement, I think the prize in the Zloty Tur. After the Worlds there was only one month for recovery and preparation for the Zloty Tur. I had some injuries and did not have enough time to prepare. I was not in the best shape, but decided to take part at the Zloty Tur. I'm not particularly happy with the silver medal".

Holidays are coming and it means the time of congratulations:

 "I want to congratulate everyone on the upcoming New Year holidays and wish you all good health and happiness. I thank my fans because they always cheer for me".

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