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Irakli Gamtenadze: results of the year >>>

Irakli Gamtenadze: results of the year # Armwrestling #

Irakli Gamtenadze had two major international starts in 2016, European Championship in Romania and the World Championship in Bulgaria. ()

With each of these championships, he has taken away with two medals. We believe that this is an excellent result, Irakli agrees:

"I am very pleased with 2016. The first time I got four medals: two gold medals at the European Championships and two bronze medals at the World Championships. I am particularly pleased with the results of the European Championship. I'm glad for all Georgian team because we won the team score in both championships in the category of senior man. All guys rock!

I am satisfied with World Championship because I was lucky. I was not in good shape, the left hand was almost dead, I was hoping only on luck. I said, if I now take the medal, it will never go to the competitions unprepared, with injuries. And I was lucky! I am satisfied with my students, they become stronger and stronger and achieve success".

Of course all of us wonder how Zloty Tur would pass if Irakli would fight there. We believe, he certainly would not get lost there:

"On Zloty Tur, of course, I was interested in my category (up to 95kg). I think that I could change the course of events. I convenient to deal with toprollers, no matter how it seemed to the readers.

I can even say that I could win Ermes Gasparini. But not Rustam Babayev, I think, he’d have won me. He fought well and definitely deserved to win, he was given an unfair fouls. But I would have fought Ermes, two of two. We met him at the table at the World Championship in Malaysia, where I made a mistake. I tried to pull my fight, but fell short of pads. I think it's all, but he made a foul. And then I slept a start. I'd like to fight him again".

We are ahead of the New Year holidays and small holiday vacation. A new season is not far off. Irakli does not lose time, and is already preparing for a new pulling, he has plans and priorities for tournaments:

"In 2017, I plan to pull at the European and World Championships. I am now in the process of preparation. Now I am cureing hands and hope the injury won’t come back, and then I'm sure in myself and my abilities.

I wish all the athletes who have not reached their goals: Train, believe in yourself and go for your goal with confidence, then all will be reached".

We look forward to 2017 and the new bright performances and victories Irakli Gamtenadze. Stay with us and stay tuned to

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