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Gabriela Vasconcelos and Esra Kiraz: results of the year >>>

Gabriela Vasconcelos and Esra Kiraz: results of the year # Armwrestling #

Two of the strongest ladies-armwrestlers shared their thoughts about past year. ()

Gabriela Vasconcelos: My 2016 was a good year as an armwrestler, not the very best, but a good year with great opportunities.

My biggest achievement was to keep my world title both hands in Bulgaria. I was happy to have new opponents, and really good ones, and that kept me motivated and even happier with my victory. Now I have 24 WAF world Titles (6 in junior class - 3 each arm; and 18 at senior class - 9 each arm) and that’s something really big that I’m really proud of. The thing I wasn’t really able to do this year was to have a good performance at Zloty Tur as I was hoping. I have always knew it wouldn’t be easy and my goal was to get at least 3rd but I ended up taking 4th place both arms, but at the end, was a good experience and I’m excited to trying again this year, and for that to be different, I have already thought about some preparation changes I can make to make it more possible.

I can’t recall right now big break through this year, though I was kind of said Michael Todd couldn’t perform at his best at Zloty as most people were excited to watch him against the best ones.. But I know will see it this year.

Personally, having the chance to pull Makeeva at Arnold Classic Brazil was a very high point even if I lost, it showed me I’m not far from winning and that’s my career goal.

I want to wish 2017 would bring health, strength, titles and much happiness to all armwrestlers out there. Let’s keep it friendly and keep the good sportsmanship all the time. Love the sport and hope the New Year as an athlete can bring me new opportunities to keep training hard, winning and living with people from all over the world as a great community”.

Esra Kiraz:2016 for me was all year training and competitions fun, strong, successful, generally happy and half of my goals have been realized.

The greatest achievement this year was the European championship of left and right arm. Because all my opponents were very easily defeated. For me the World Championship was easy too. A defeat that I had only taken against my Slovakian rival, Snezhana Babaeiva, made me stressed. And I made a mistake. She is very experienced girl has turned this situation into an advantage and has won. Maybe if I could make it a little calm I could win. Also 2016, her my gift get! But I believe that I will be the 2017 World Champion!

In 2016, the best, I became left and right arm European champion. And it's not a bad achievement, but maybe I did not reach the real target. I became left hand and right hand world 2rd.

I would first like to.. thank Igor Mazurenko and Anastasia Kisilyova for the this interview. And I wish all the who support and love me to the armwrestling community bring, health, peace, happiness and success to the year 2017”.

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