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Comeback and debuts-2016 >>>

Comeback and debuts-2016 # Armwrestling #

Last year was rich in comebacks and debuts. Whose was the best match? ()

In 2016, world of armwrestling saw several famous returns, successful in varying degrees. Denis Tsyplenkov, Rustam Babayev, Alexey Voevoda  –  some of them were successful, some - not really, but, nevertheless,  came back  to the sport.

The most successful return of the year can be called the pulling of Denis Tsyplenkov on Vendetta All Stars, when he beat Michael Todd 4-2. Here, of course, we must mention Michael too, because Denis had not an easy fight. We know the style of fighting of Denis: he is very strong, but not too tough, so the result is quite good for the first professional fight in a long time. We are happy for Denis.

A great comeback was the fight of Rustam Babayev on Zloty Tur. Rustam showed not only strength, but also a good tactic in the struggle.

Not so the return but rather debut was duel of Ukrainian Oleg Zhoha against American Christian Binnie at Vendetta.

Then, after the match, Oleg  was called «Giant Killer». He is sure to win the match than proved that it is necessary to be considered, because when he gets the weight of 90-95 kg, he will definitely take place in the top five athletes on the left hand. Oleg develops, grows, and we hope that in the near future will see a brand new athlete.

Andrey Pushkar pleased us too. SHis seventh attempt was lucky and he the world title, which he usually lost. Andrey won 5-1 with Dmitry Trubin. Many viewers, of course, were not too happy with these fights. It seems that we have seen two different athletes - Dmitry Trubin at the World Cup, but somebody else  in armfight with Pushkar.

In an attempt to answer the Zloty Tur question, who is stronger - Pushkar or Trubin, we mess up even more. Perhaps, we can only wait for them to meet again. Both athletes have started training and we hope we will be able to see them fight in the near future.

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