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Problem armwrestling # Armwrestling #

Last year was very eventful and rich in events in the world of armwrestling. There was a lot of sensations, beautiful victories and fights, a welcome return and disappointments. But... ()

But, despite all this, the recent trend of some moments in arm wrestling, which even can be called "problems.


"The give-away game"

At Zloty Tur-2016, many were dissatisfied with the fact that Andrey Pushkar in some matches did not fight and gave his hand without a fight, thus saving power for the struggle in the Open category. In the end, Andrew was the undisputed champion, while not winning on any hand in its category (105 kg). Such situations occur mainly in commercial tournaments where the prize is pretty high. Dissatisfaction is understandable, because the audience always wants to see the protracted, competitive, and exciting fights. Is there such a "technical device" in armwrestling and is it fair in relation to the spectators, competitors and the sport in general?..

"Refereeing under the microscope"

Another constant topic for discontent is the refereeing. Referee that work at the table, do a very important job. Their decisions may depend on the validity of the result and the fate of prizes. In 2016, after the most prestigious tournaments there were negative responses about refereeing. Some say that the refs did not see obvious things such as knuckles covering during the grip, while others argue that referees pay attention to "micro-foul", which do not affect the fight. Anyway top class athletes definitely deserve such a high level of refereeing. What do you think you are, is there the crisis in refereeing now?

We describe only two of the most important, in our view, problems. in the near future will try to deal with these issues. Top athletes, sports authorities and experts help us in it. It will be interesting.

And do you think what about it?

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