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"Off-season is an opportunity to become stronger", - Georgiy Khaspekov >>>

"Off-season is an opportunity to become stronger", - Georgiy Khaspekov # Armwrestling #

In any sport, there are times when all of the most important starts are behind, and until the next closest one remains a few months. ()

At this time, the athletes, tired with complex sports season, as a rule, have a vacation or make changes to their workout. This period is an off-season. But often, due to the ever-growing competition, athletes are not too relaxed, because, as they say, "while you rest, your rivals train".

We wondered how do our armrestlers spend their off-season. We had a talk with George Khaspekov from Russia about his out of competition time:

"For me, the off-season is time, when there is no need to show your best shape and you can put more general purposes in sports. You can focus on the lagging angles and to learn new fighting techniques, to try to gain muscle mass, improve general condition and power and of course "patch up" the injuries.

I love to work in the off-season, then you really has a chance to become stronger".

In the off-season, Georgiy continues to train and improve himself. Apparently, he hasn’t a long rest:

"To compete I start training for about two months. If the start of the interim, I just replace several planned hard trainings on the light ones. After the competition, I rest a week at best. I believe that the best rest for an athlete  it is little relief training. My next start, most likely, will be at the championship of Russia".

As you can see, George Khaspekov prefer exercises for leisure, and they are aimed not at specific training but to work on the weak points and improve the general physical shape.

In the near future we will talk about off-season even more interesting athletes. Stay with us and stay tuned to

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