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The Top-3 in The World at the Moment by Engin Terzi >>>

The Top-3 in The World at the Moment by Engin Terzi # Armwrestling #

Engin Terzi about the best professional sportsmen in the world. ()

1) Andrey Pushkar! In last Zloty he has lost against Dmitry Trubin but some months ago he defeated Trubin 6-0 in a Vendetta. Of course we must consider that Pushkar’s draw was tougher as he pulled Michael Todd, Genady Kvikvinia and then Dmitry Trubin in a row but i don’t believe that Dmitry won only because he had a beter draw. Pushkar did not have tough matches against M.Todd and Kvikvinia. Dmitry and Andrey’s matches have been resulted by the tactical preparations. When these two athletes met in 2015 Zloty Pushkar was as confident as he had been destroying top athletes in the world with a wrist controlled side pressure. But that way of pulling did not work against Trubin as his back pressure was too much for Pushkar’s wrist. That day Pushkar won by fouls because of the inexperience of Trubin.

Next time they met Trubin thought Pushkar would pull in the same way that he pulled last time they met but Pushkar came with a different game plan and instead of wrist control he applied outer side pressure with pronator control. That was something that Dmitry did not expect and had no preparation against. So Pushkar won 6-0 with ease.

Then next time they met was in 2016 Zloty Tur and Pushkar applied the same exact move against Trubin and he was able to toproll Trubin while Trubin just put his joint behind the hand fought in such a bad position but he was succesful.

After receiving a foul Pushkar wanted to go straight side way as he tried in 2015 Zloty and Trubin again toprolled him as he did in same event, and then beat him after some war.

I would predict Trubin to beat Pushkar 4-2 or maybe 3-3 tie if they would meet in a supermatch again but till that time Pushkar deserves to be ranked no1.

2) Dmitry Trubin! I have already shared my thoughts about him against the no1 guy on my list. Michael Todd would be a tough challenge for Trubin as they already had some wars in the Vendetta that they had. Trubin won 4-2 on that day but it was not easy. But we all saw that Trubin beat Michael Todd in a game that Trubin was inexperienced while Michael was very experienced. So IMO next time Trubin would stil beat Michael as Trubin has all the skills that he needs to beat Michael’s way of pulling.

Denis Tsyplenkov would be a tough challenge Dmitry but till they meet Dmitry deserves to be ranked no 2 in the world as Denis is just coming back to the sport after long absence.

3) Denis Tsyplenkov! He was the best when he left even though he lost against Pushkar at A1 but it was after he and Dave Chaffee had long battles. So it was hard to say that Pushkar for sure could beat Deni seven if Denis was not tired. Denis just made a come back and beat Michael Todd 4-2 in a Vendetta. I can not say that Denis looked clearly beter than Michael as Michael lost 2 rounds by serious mistakes. But still Denis to come back after a long absence and beat Michael was a great beginning. Denis has potential to become no1 again if he really gives his all to reach there. I really hope that Denis will continue pulling and we all see who really is the no1 in the world while all the top pullers are present.

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