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Michael Todd: “I wasn’t sure I could win” >>>

Michael Todd: “I wasn’t sure I could win” # Armwrestling #

Last weekend one of the greatest sports festival – Arnold Classic – took place in Columbus, Ohio, USA. Many stars of world armwrestling gathered there to take part in the tournament. ()

Denise Wattles, co-director of the competition, said that it was going to be one of the biggest events of the series with 268 competitors qualified.

One of the main titles of the championship – the gold of +199 lb class right hand – was took by Michael ‘Monster’ Todd.

Michael, you showed great results on Arnold Classic Armwrestling Challenge.

How do you feel?

- I feel amazing! It really meant a lot to win the Arnold and to beat him in the process!

Was it your first ACAC?

- No, I've competed there many times and my highest finish was 2nd!

Was it difficult for you?

- Yes, I'm not 100% healed from my injury and I was wasn't sure I could win!

My hardest fight was with Dmitry Trubin. He was my strongerst rival. He is a very strong and smart puller, I have great respect for him!

What was the most interesting fight?

- For me, the match between Dmitry Trubin and Mirtaleh Aslanov, because I knew I had to face the winner!

I was very impressed with Aslanov, he showed a lot of power against Mike Ayello and Chris Chandler.

You told you are going to pull in Italy. Are you ready?

- As I said I'm not quite 100%, but I look forward to the challenge!

We will be looking for Michael’s success at the Supermatches, so stay tuned with!


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