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Ukrainian nationals-2017: review >>>

Ukrainian nationals-2017: review # Armwrestling #

The championship of Ukraine in armsport has come to the end. ()

180 sportsmen from 19 regions of Ukraine took part in the championship. In comparison with the main national start of last year, the number of participants decreased, but the level remained high.

In the category of up to 60 kg for men, two gold places were taken by the honored master of sports from Kharkiv, Dmitry Bezkorovainy. Silver double in this category got Olexander Balandin, representative of the Donetsk region.

Unpredictable was the category of up to 70 kg in men, in which 16 athletes took part. The composition of this category was very strong and a serious fight for the prize places appeared. As a result, both gold medals were taken by juniors, on the left hand by Denis Matyash from the Poltava region, and on the right by Adam Kuzlo from the Rivne region.

In the category of 75 kg, the representative of Kharkiv – Vyacheslav Zhigiliy – once again took the gold medal from on his left hand. On the right hand, Vyacheslav was second, and last year’s champion – Mykhailo Gavronsky from the Rivne region, took the gold on the left hand.

The most numerous was men's category of 80 kg, where 23 sportsmen competed for prizes. A veteran of Ukrainian armwrestling Roman Rudnitsky from the Lviv region and a young Kharkiv sportsman Vladislav Zhigiliy shared two gold medals. On the left hand, gold without a single defeat was taken by Roman, and on the right hand Vladislav wrested the victory in the super-final duel.

In the category of up to 90 kg, Yevhen Prudnik pulled. He cold-bloodedly dealt with all his rivals and predictably took the first two places. The second after him on both hands was the silver medalist of the 2016 World Championship Petr Margarint from the Odessa region.

In the category of men under 100 kg, the gold double was issued by the master of sports of the international class from Crimea Aider Alidinov. Another MS Anton Kalyazin from Kyiv became the second on the left hand and the third on the right.

According to the results, a national team will be formed, which will represent the team of Ukraine at the European and World Championships. The full results of the championship will be published soon.

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