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Khetag Dzitiev: "I don’t plan to compete in 70 kg anymore" >>>

Khetag Dzitiev: "I don’t plan to compete in 70 kg anymore" # Armwrestling #

At the last championship of Russia not only Vitaly Laletin changed the weight category. In the new category was also Khetag Dzitiev, who this time fought in the category of up to 75 kg. ()

After the next successful season, Khetag decided to take a break and allow the body to rest. As the sportsman said, the break could be longer:

"After the World Championship in Bulgaria, I made a big break. It was connected with accumulated injuries and general fatigue. I even thought to miss 2017 season. So, I hadn’t off-season training".

Despite the long rest, Khetag traditionally showed a good performance and won the highest prizes:

"For the Russian championship, I can say, I was not in my best, and did not expect that it would work out so well. I think that this result is due to the fact that I changed the weight category and did not try to lose my weight to 70 kg. Weight loss does not allow me to feel comfortable now, as before.

In training, more time I spent working with iron, but closer to the competition I added working at the table".

Having changed the weight category for the Russian championship, Hetag decided that he would not go back to 70 kg for international competitions:

"At international tournaments I will also be in the category of up to 75 kg, I do not plan to fight any more in the category of up to 70 kg. In the general plans - to prepare and bring myself to the peak form at the European Championships, and then the World Championship. Perhaps I will limit myself with pulling at these two main tournaments".

European Championship is getting closer, and there we can see Khetag in a new weight category, where there are its own favorites and champions. But Khetag will definitely have something to show, and, probably, someone will have to free one step on the pedestal.

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