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Championship of Poland: review >>>

Championship of Poland: review # Armwrestling #

The XVII Armwrestling Championship of Poland took place on March 31 - April 2 in a small town in the south of Poland. ()

Szczyrk is located near the border with the Czech Republic and Slovakia, it is famous for good winter ski runs.

For some athletes it was not easy to get there, but the weather and beautiful landscapes compensated for the hardships of the way. All the participants lived in one huge hotel. Everything was in one place - housing, food and competitions.

240 athletes participated in the championship, this is 20 people more than last year. The most important, however, is that there were more and more youth and juniors.

In total, representatives from 24 clubs gathered from all over Poland. 14 teams were represented in junior categories.

Juniors, our hope!

Fights of juniors 18 and 21 differ much higher level than in the previous year. This was evident at first glance, and after analyzing the video too. In most fights we saw very good power, technical and tactical training.

In addition, many of the young athletes pulled among adults, and they did not occupy the last places.

Masters showed a passionate struggle for places on the pedestal - all sought to qualify for the national team for the European Championships, which this time will be held in Poland.

Among the numerous battles, in my opinion, the most emotional was the struggle of two athletes in the category of 60 kg.

Experienced Maciej Graalak and junior David Lapa fought both in adults and among people with disabilities. We can say that the "Old Wolf" experienced the attack of the "Young Wolf" well. The fights of these two strongest athletes became the cream of the competition.

Another entertainment


An additional program for spectators was a six-round fight between two famous athletes - Mariusz Grochowski and Jan Żółciński. Unfortunately, this match for Jan was a goodbye to our sport. His wife is expecting a baby, and Janek is preparing to become a father, so he decided to finish his career.

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