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How to "sell" an armwrestler? >>>

How to "sell" an armwrestler? # Armwrestling #

How to sell or to buy an athlete and not go into negative? Briefly about the "transfers" in our sport. A case from the work at the Congress of the Armwrestling Federation of Poland this year. ()

Actually, this is not just a transfer, but only a hint at it, but we are sure that the topic will definitely be raised at the next FAP meeting. But this situation with the change of club colors can occur sooner or later in any other (even European) armwrestling federation.

However, in this text is about the Polish realities.

So, how to "sell" an athlete?

Or even how to "buy" an athlete? This question is more interesting.

I have on my desk a document prepared by a law firm dealing with sports law. The document consists of several densely written pages and contains a bunch of problems...

These problems do not concern the armwrestler, but the football player, who is eleven years old! Eleven years! This child changes the club in a small town to a club in a larger city. The lawyers are full of work because of this, parents have exhausted kilometers of nerves, coaches are ready to gnaw each other's throats. A football player eleven years old!

Do we want such things in arm-wrestling? Or is it better to agree in silence?

We need to think hard!

Now Poland, in my opinion, is not a "state of law", but "the state of lawyers"... Even in so obvious things - you can not get a divorce without a lawyer. But we can only try to change something in our sports world.

Think only what to do if the club does not agree to give the athlete to another club? How to cope with the problem of transfers most painlessly, clearly, without doubts?

What is the measure, and how to measure the involvement of the coach in working with the athlete during the year, for two years or more?

Do you think it is possible to do this "mechanically" or simply to determine the size of "compensation", which will depend sportsman’s time of training and pulling for the club?

Will this be fair?

We know that the relationship "athlete - coach - club" in reality in different countries (even the regions of one country) is very different. There are coaches who do a lot for young athletes. Much more than just work in training. They help in life, in difficult situations, engage in athletes for one hundred percent, and often just "educate" him instead of the mother and father.

But there are coaches who do not go beyond the contact in the gym. They are not interested in the life of the player out of training, and if he has disappeared somewhere, they do not even ask what happened.

In this case, is it possible to evaluate the work of trainers equally?

In my opinion - no!

Nevertheless, it is almost impossible to develop an evaluation system for the work of the coach and athlete individually for each transfer.

But what awaits us? Nothing! Unfortunately, nothing! Another legal solution, in the correctness of which everyone will doubt.

Therefore, I end the article - with almost no results and no hope of solving the problem. But if you have any ideas - I invite you to a discussion!



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