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Zurab Tavberidze: "I'm in the category of 80 kg for the last time" >>>

Zurab Tavberidze: "I'm in the category of 80 kg for the last time" # Armwrestling #

About two weeks left before the European Championship. The first number of the Georgian team in the category of up to 80 kg Zurab Tavberidze told about his readiness for the upcoming start. ()

After a busy past season that ended for Zurab with a pulling at the Zloty Tur-2016, he took a short break for rest to recover from injuries:

"After the Zloty Tour, I rested for about a month, but, unfortunately, I could not get rid of my injuries completely. But this fact does not prevent me in the preparation for the European Championships-2017".

Despite the incomplete recovery, Zurab began his preparations for the new season and the first serious start - the European Championships in Poland:

"Preparation for the European Championship-2017 I started in the second half of December. I didn’t make big corrections in the training plan, only corrected some mistakes that I had made earlier. Preparation was going according to plan, there were no unforeseen circumstances. I think that this year I will show the form better than in the past".

Zurab is quite an active user of social networks. And from his activity it is noticeable that during the preparation he significantly added the mass.

But he does not intend to change the weight category, for now...

"During the preparation, my weight reached 90 kg. This time it will be especially difficult for me to fit into the category of up to 80 kg. Most likely, this year I will pull in this category last time, later I will pull in 85 kg class".

Zurab treats his rivals with respect and does not consider anyone "passable":

"I can not distinguish someone from my category. In my weight, there will be many strong athletes, for me each of them is the main rival. I want to wish them all good luck at the upcoming European Championship".

Last year, Zurab was a step away from gold medals, both on his right and on his left hand. This year, he definitely remains one of the main contenders for the victory. We wish him luck and expect the best results from him. What do you think about this, can Zurab take the highest step of the pedestal this time? Write your comments, stay with us and watch the news on




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