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Oguzhan Kocak: “My toughest rival will be Khadzhimurat Zoloev” >>>

Oguzhan Kocak: “My toughest rival will be Khadzhimurat Zoloev” # Armwrestling #

Despite Turkish team will not be as numerous as it always does, Oguzhan Kocak will defend country’s honor at the European championship. Is he ready? ()

Please, tell us about yourself?

– My name is Oguzhan Kocak, I am 21 years old (20.08.1996 Istanbul). I live in Kocaeli. I am studying Duzce Sports Science Academy to become Pyshical Education Teacher.

Why armwrestling?

– It is because of my father who is the European Champion in masters category. He inspired me and helped me to become a Senior World Champion armwrestler and hopefully I will become even a better armwrestler with time.

 What are your greatest successes?

–  I have won senior World and European titles in 2016 over my good friend and great opponent Zurab Tavberidze. I have also won bronze medals in 2015 WAF and EAC in 2015 after the legendary Khadzimurat Zoloev and Zurab Tavberidze. Other than these, I have won Worlds in U18 category and Worlds and Europeans in U21 category.

  What are your future plans?

– First of all I am competing the Europeans in Katowice this month in 85kg category. My toughest opponent will be Khadzimurat Zoloev who is a Legend.

As far as I know in his category he lost only once in Europeans since 2002. I have nothing but respect for him but I will do my best against him. Winning Europeans or Worlds is one thing but winning against a Legend in his best time is everything. I know he is the favorite of the class but we all need to pay the price to win.

Because of my height and genetic structure I believe that I can become a light heavyweight in the future and my goal is to become heavyweight to pull against the worlds best heavyweights in the future.

  Do you have a puller who inspires you?

– Engin Terzi inspires me as he is the only one who won Worlds in 5 different weight classes in 21 years of period (First in 1994 and last in 2015). So I take this Living Legend Engin Terzi as an example to keep our Glorious Flag at the top for such a long period of time.

 Do you plan to participate Zloty Tur?

– This year for sure I want to participate Zloty Tur (in 86kg class) as it is the most prestigious Professional event in the world for near 20 years!


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