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Europeans review: heavy and superheavyweights >>>

Europeans review: heavy and superheavyweights # Armwrestling #

Some changes have happened in the heavy and superheavyweight categories so some champions’ places are vacant. What will be the fight for the favorites of these categories? ()

Senior Men 100 kg

The current champion on the left hand: Vitaly Laletin (Russia)

The operating champion on the right hand: Vitaly Laletin (Russia)

Vitaly Laletin left the category to 100 kg, so participants will struggle hard for the vacant gold. Strong pairs in this category are teams from Russia and Ukraine. From the team of Russia - the current national champion Nikolai Kolesnichenko and experienced Chermen Khadaev. From the team of Ukraine - the current national champion Aider Alidinov, and multiple prize-winner of international championships Anton Kalyazin. I would also like to mention the athlete from Georgia Vasili Dautashvili, who thanks to the lightning start will not allow yawning rivals and athlete from Bulgaria - Yordan Tsonev, who last year pulled well in the category of up to 90 kg. We assume that between these athletes will fight for gold medals. Predict the main favorite is difficult, so we are waiting for the fight.

 Senior Men 110 kg

The current champion on the left hand: Krasimir Kostadinov (Bulgaria)

The current champion on the right hand: Revaz Lutidze (Georgia)

In this weight category now stands Vitaly Laletin, who automatically becomes one of the favorites on both the left and the right hand. The second and most likely the main favorite on the left hand is the current champion Krasimir Kostadinov. In the absence of Ivan Matyushenko, in the confrontation between Krasimir and Vitali the champion of the left hand will be determined.

On the right hand it is very interesting to see the battle between Vitali Laletin and Revaz Lutidze. Also, on the right hand, Normunds Thomson and Mitko Petrov will qualify for prizes. In the absence of Krasimir, the main favorites will still be Vitali and Revaz.

Senior Men +110 kg

The current champion on the left hand: Levan Saginashvili (Georgia)

The current champion on the right hand: Arif Ertem (Turkey)

Arif Ertem and Dmitry Silaev will miss this European Championship. Therefore, on the left hand the main contender for gold will be a huge strong man from Georgia - Levan Saginashvili. We believe that it will be hard to resist Levan in fights on the left. In the right-handed class, Krasimir Kostadinov and the friendly duet from Georgia Levan Saginashvili and Gennady Kvikvinia will lead. The struggle between Levan and Gennady is always fascinating and equal, and Krasimir seems to be obsessed with gold in the heaviest weight category. This three has often met with each other and knows each other well, so we expect tactical and technical tricks. In the starting lists in this category we see Davide Kappa from Italy. We all remember this man with glasses, which looks like a spectator and who claims that he does not even train, but does wonders at the table. We don’t forget Davide on Zloty Tur-2015. Will Davide give us surprises this time? We'll see!

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