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Levan Saginashvili: "I did everything I could" >>>

Levan Saginashvili: "I did everything I could" # Armwrestling #

One of the main contenders for the European championship gold in heavyweight - Levan Saginashvili - claims that he is ready for 100%. ()

Levan, tell us about the past championship of Georgia, why was it held so late?

– Because there was no funding. The budget of the federation was approved very late, so the competition had to be postponed. The championship determined the composition of the team in some categories.

How is your preparation for Europe going, everything goes according to plan? How can you assess your form now? Will you be ready to fight 100%?

– Now I have prepared better than last year. I can say that in training I managed to do everything I could not do last year. I cured a trauma on my right hand, which bothered me for many years, and I hope that there will be no surprises before the championship.

In general, I think that I am ready, but table will show everything. I'm working on myself and there's progress.

What do you expect from the European Championship? Who are your main rivals?

- I expect that there will be insane competition, very complicated and interesting fights, and I think that it will be very spectacular. There are a lot of rivals - this is the European Championship. The main of them - Gennady Kvikvinia, Krasimir Kostadinov. On the left I really liked the Swedish athlete, I think he too will pull strongly.

What can you say about your team, are you ready to be the best in the team competition among men again?

- The team is growing, there are new faces, and I think that we will be the first again!

See you in Poland!




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