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European Championship: juniors, youth and masters, left hand >>>

European Championship: juniors, youth and masters, left hand # Armwrestling #

The first day of the European Championship was held, where juniors, youth and three categories of masters fought on the left hand. ()

The opening ceremony of the European Championship was impressive: in the welcome video, the participants showed the whole history of the development of the European armwrestling in its most striking moments.

As a result of the struggle of the first day, it can already be concluded that in future Russian armwrestlers will dominate on the pedestals among adults: young athletes of Russia have taken most medals on the left. Turkey, as well as Ukraine, represented the big national team of youth and juniors. Georgian athletes showed good results too.

Both eleminations and final fights were held almost without surprises, and each gold medal winner emotionally met his victory.

One of the most spectacular fights was a fight between Russian Elmira Shafigullina and Turkish Yater Bag in the 70 kg category among juniors.

The girls went superfinal, where Elmira got a victory in a tough fight.

In the category of 65 kg for girls-21, Marina Shulika (Ukraine) and Anastasia Karpova (Russia) showed a protracted struggle. It seemed that the athletes are absolutely equal in strength. As a result, after two fouls for Russian, the victory went to Marina.

Vladislav Krasovskis (Lavti) and Betkili Oniani (Georgia) showed a good fight. In the supermatch after the Krasovskis foul, Oniani won the category. Almost the same scenario was in the struggle of the Georgian Merali Briiani and Ukrainian Dmitry Chalyuk - supermatch and the victory of Chalyuk.

The struggle of the masters went smoothly - almost all fights were quick and confident.

We are waiting for the continuation of the struggle for the right hand tomorrow.

Welcome to the European Championship!



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