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European Championship: juniors, youth and masters, right hand >>>

European Championship: juniors, youth and masters, right hand # Armwrestling #

The second day of the European championship and the fights for the right hand of juniors, youth and masters ended. ()

The fight of juniors, youth and veterans on the right hand was more focused and stiff, compared to the fights on the left.

The repeated champion of Europe and the world Julia Mukha issued golden double in the lightest junior category among girls without special difficulties. But in the lightest category of boys supermatch happened, and as a result, Ahmad Aibazov (Russia) sent Hilmi Yilmaz (Turkey) to the second step of the pedestal.

Kristina Garanina, despite the problems that arose during her weight loss, also became the owner of two gold medals.

Juniors of weight category of 65 kg Eduard Khabalov and Dmiriy Masin from Russia showed the heavy fight. After fouls, rematching, referee grip and a double foul in him, Eduard Khabalov emotionally celebrates the victory.

In the category of youth in three classes in a row supermatches passed: 60 kg and 65 kg for boys and 55 kg for girls. And in all categories fights were difficult: with fouls, strap matches and referee grips.

In the end, Akhmat Karakotov (Russia) became the winner in the 60 kg category, twice winning Nemat Vakilov (Azerbaijan), Lyudmila Demenko confirmed the intention and received gold from the girls, and in the category of 65 kg Alexi Zavrashvili (Georgia) twice won against Ramazan Rustamov (Russia).

The struggle was intense in the final of the category of 70 kg from the guys: Irakli Zirakashvili (Georgia) - Oleg Tudorian (Moldova). Guys fight in the superfinal, Oleg Tudorian played on emotions, getting a foul and a warning for false starts. In the end, he managed to collect and pick up the gold championship.

According to the results of the two days of the fight, the champions in the team classification were determined.

According to the results of the two days, the champions in the team classification were determined. In the general standings of juniors + youth among girls, Russia took the first place, the second – Turkey, the third – Ukraine; among boys in the first place – Russia, on the second – Georgia, on the third – the national team of Turkey.

In the general category of veterans among women, the first step of the pedestal the team of Ukraine won, the second place behind the team of Poland, the third – from Russia. In the men's score the first place belongs to the Russian team, the second – to Poland, the third – the Ukrainian team.



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