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European Championship: senior classes, left hand >>>

European Championship: senior classes, left hand # Armwrestling #

The fourth day of the European Championship 2017 ended, in which the wrestlers competed in the senior category on the left hands. ()

It is expected this day brought to all lovers of armwrestling many beautiful fights, many emotions and of course new champions.

In the female categories the most stable steel was 55 kg, 80 kg and over 80 kg. In the 55 kg category, the three finalists are unchanged - Alina Volkova, Victoria Ilyushina and Dimitrina Dimitrova. Alina Volkova won deservedly. In categories up to 80 kg and +80 kg, Irina Makeeva and Egle Vaikute, respectively, were expected to become champions.

In the male categories, it was hot. In the category under 55 kg, the representative of Georgia Levan Pogosiani left without a defeat, however, in the final and in the super-final he unexpectedly lost twice to the sportsman from Russia.

The category up to 60 kg was one of the most competitive. But the result was unpredictable. The main favorite Vileni Gabrava moved to the category above, therefore the main favorites were Imeda Tchincharauli from Georgia and Ashot Adamyan from Armenia. However, the discovery of this category was the athlete from Turkey - Emre Albaz, who became the champion.

In the category of up to 65 kg everyone expected to see the final between Oleg Cherkasov and Jambul Vibliani. But Vileni Gabrava had another scenario. In preliminary fights Jambul quite easily won Vileni, but in the semifinal category he found a way to win and reached the final. In the final he was waiting for a strong and experienced Oleg Cherkasov, who won without any problems.

I would like to note the category of up to 75 kg, where everything was more than unpredictable. The main favorite Vrezh Sedrakian lost already in his first fight to young Rafał Wozny from Poland. Then he lost to Vyacheslav Zhigiliy from Ukraine. Interestingly, the same athletes who fought in the finals two days earlier, in the junior wrestling - Vladislav Krasovskis and Betkili Oniani, met in the finals. Just like in juniors, the victory won an athlete from Georgia.

It is noteworthy that the trainer of Betkili - Irakli Gamtenadze - even a few weeks before the championship said that his student will become a champion both in juniors and adults. We think that very few people could believe it, considering the composition of this category, but he was able to do it and became the champion.

In the category of up to 80 kg everyone expected the victory of Zurab Tavberidze. But Zurab is again the second, once again. Already in the preliminary matches Zurab faced with problems, lost to the athlete from Bulgaria and went to the final with defeat. The winner was the athlete from Romania Viorel Dobrin, who first played in this category (before pulling at 75).

The most anticipated was the category of up to 90 kg. In the preliminary matches there was no equal to Evgeniy Prudnik, who was considered the main favorite. Soslan Gassiev, a junior from Russia, showed himself well, and won Alan Makeev and current champion Irakli Gamtenadze. In the eliminations Soslan lost only to Eugene for reaching the final. Sasho Andreev  lost to Prudnik and was so close of defeat in the fight with Makeev. However, he managed to reach the semifinals, where he hardly managed to overcome Soslan Gassiev. And again we will say this phrase - Sasho Andreev does not cease to surprise us ... no one expected that Sasho will be able to defeat Evhen Prudnik twice, but he did it and became the champion in his next weight class.

In the category of up to 100 kg, Nikolai Kolesnichenko from Russia dominated. Only in the finals he was able to withstand a little by athlete from Ukraine Aider Alidinov. But it was clear that Nicholai was above his rivals, and he deserved gold.

The category up to 110 kg became a new for Vitaly Laletin. Vitali, in his usual manner, simply "demolished" all his opponents, even Krasimir Kostadinov could not help it. We assume that tomorrow Vitaly will repeat his result.

In the heavyweight without intrigue, Levan Saginashvili became the champion. But there was an intrigue in the semi-final where Oleg Melentiev from Russia defeated Gennady Kvikvinia, and it was unexpected.

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