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European Championship: senior classes, right hand >>>

European Championship: senior classes, right hand # Armwrestling #

The final day of the European Championship-2017 came to an end. ()

Final 50 kg category among women, which met Elizaveta Reshetnik (Russia) and Anastasia Goncharenko (Ukraine) was very bright. The confidence of the Ukrainian team was transferred to Anastasia, and in the fight she defeated Elizaveta in the finals and superfinal, taking the championship gold.

Final of 55 kg for women passed without multiple champion, Ukrainian Victoria Ilyushina, who lost to the Bulgarian athlete Dimitrina Dimitrova in the semifinals. Dimitrina also won the final in Alina Volkova, who passed without defeats. In the intense struggle of the superfinal Volkova at the start was able to take advantage and won gold.

Under the crazy pressure and support of the fans was a duel between Davit Samushia (Georgia) and Khetag Dzitiev (Russia). The hall literally exploded when the athletes fought, and they showed an excellent fight. After the fouls and in straps, Dzitiev went to the Super Final. There athletes also tickled the nerves of the audience - each of them received one foul, a fight in the straps and then – a victory in Davit's pocket.

Perhaps, one of the most serious intrigues of Europeans was the category of 90 kg. In the final on the right hand Evgeniy Prudnik met Sasho Andreev.

It was not  easy for Evgeniy to pull with Sasha in the qualifiers, it seemed that the Bulgarian athlete found the key to his strength. In the same qualifying round, Sasho did not pass his opponents too easily: for example, his fight with Alan Makeyev was very controversial, and in some moments the referees could not decide on the winner. Alan was given a second foul and defeat, but this was a very controversial decision and Sacho did not accept it and showed that he was ready to continue the fight. A worthy deed. Well, 1:1 in the final with Pudnik, in the super final Sasho takes the gold.

Surprising was the final and 100 kg, where two debutants of the European Championship met - Nikolai Kolesnichenko (Russia) and Levani Matsonelidze (Georgia). After the foul, the Georgian athlete won the final. In the superfinal, Levani confidently defeated Nikolai.

In the team result among women the first place belongs to the Russian team, the second - to Lithuania, the third - to Georgia. Among men at the first step of the podium is the Russian team, in second place - Georgia, on the third - Bulgaria. In the overall standings in the first place - Russia, on the second - Georgia, on the third - Ukraine.




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