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Tomasz Szewczyk: "I worked on this for fourteen years!" >>>

Tomasz Szewczyk: "I worked on this for fourteen years!" # Armwrestling #

Polish armwrestler Tomasz Szewczyk won a bronze at the seniors 90 kg class right hand. ()

Tomasz! Congratulations! At last you have overcome this most unpleasant for the sportsman the fourth place! How are you feeling?

- Well! Indeed, at the championships of Europe and world, as well as at the World Cup among professionals, I had the fourth place several times. Even on Arnold Classic I was the fourth! This figure haunted me. Now I have passed this band, and I want more!

Did you expect this medal?

- No! Definitely, I did not expect to receive this award. I promised myself that I will not return to wrestling at European or world championships until I am ready to fight for prizes. I had a short break, but I returned and gradually improved my form. Last year I won 4 gold in the championship and the Polish Cup. At this year Nationals - also gold. I knew that I was in good shape, but that I would reach the third place...

I do not hide, I had a good draw, and I do not know if I deserve such a great honor. But I've been doing it for 14 years. I decided to fight at the championship, because I live 30 km from Katowice. You saw the result. I was very lucky! I feel that I was charged with energy for further hard training. I set new goals for myself, and I will do everything to prove that I deserve this medal.

How did you prepare for this championship?

- Regarding the training, due to the fact that I have kept a good shape since last season, I stressed on the regeneration and sparring. I sparred in different clubs with different athletes.

Tomasz, you had very serious rivals.

And how would you evaluate them?

- Prudnik was mega-uncomfortable. I really respect his experience. He is a great athlete and a good man. Actor at work and at the table! You can not read what he is going to do. Such people are mysterious and intriguing, that's why they are so interesting for spectators.

Sasho... it seemed to me that he did not even bother trying to fight me. True, I started the first, but the advantage of strength in it was so great that I do not remember that someone so easily won me. And even in the hooks! I felt like a beginner.

You love arm-wrestling ...

- I really like this sport! Almost since 2004, I have been commenting on all major arm-wrestling events in the country and abroad. And I always wanted to live the microphone and pull instead.

But sometimes it was. You commented until a certain time, then quickly warmed up, and immediately at the table. It looked cool.

- Commenting on fights is not my job, it's fun. I already know athletes, so I do not need special preparing. And when commenting, I try to convey my knowledge to listeners.

Tell me, who remembered the championship?

- Sasho, Prudnik, Laletin and Levan made the greatest impression on me. And the juniors-21 of 75 kg in the finals of senior categories (Georgian and Lithuanian) showed a very high level. Despite tought fights, they had the strength to overcome all the adult rivals and meet again in the finals.

Thanks for the interview!

- Thanks and best regards to the athletes and fans.

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