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Bright moments of the European Championship-2017 >>>

Bright moments of the European Championship-2017 # Armwrestling #

The European Championship-2017 ended and we calmed down. What was amazing about these competitions? ()

First of all I wanted to mention the work done by the host of the championship - the Polish Armwrestling Federation. Undoubtedly, the bar of holding such events after this championship has grown, and the following countries that would take championships will need to try very hard if they want to do at least the same as it was in Katowice.

Along with the level of organization, the level of participants grows every year, and this affects on the spectacle of fights. Junior categories were amazing, in these age categories we can consider the future stars of arm wrestling. Many of them fought in their age categories, and afterwards they pulled well among senior sportsmen. Strong examples are Betkili Oniani and Irakli Zirakashvili from Georgia, Soslan Gassiev from Russia, Tatyana Tsyarpitskaya from Belarus, Emre Albas from Turkey and Vladislavs Krasovskis from Latvia. These athletes won prizes both in juniors and adults. Emre Albas took gold on his left and in the fight among juniors and in the struggle of senior in one of the most difficult categories - up to 60 kg. Also won in juniors and in seniors Betkili Oniani in the category of up to 75 kg on the left hand. Soslan Gassiev showed an excellent fight, he had no equal in the junior category, and in senior he pulled very well, finishing third and losing only to Evgeny Prudnik and Sasho Andreev.

Sasho Andreev once again confirmed his uniqueness.

Recall that Sasho is now 20 years old, and he is also a junior, although he is already pulling only in adults. In preliminary matches on both hands, Sasho lost to Evgeniy Prudnik and he had problems with other athletes. But, in spite of everything, he reached the finals on both hands. It is worth noting his calmness and respect for his rivals. And what was in the final surprised many. Sasho twice with each hand won Prudnik and issued a gold double. After the fight Evgeniy noted that he was in good shape, but Sasho was incredibly strong.

The debutant from Georgia Levani Motsonelidze, who won the category of up to 100 kg on the right hand, surprised everyone, reaching the final with defeat and twice overcoming the obvious favorite, Nikolai Kolesnichenko from Russia.

There were also unpleasant surprises, for example, the last two places in the category up to 90 kg were taken by Raimonds Antonovichs and Irakli Gamtenadze - not the weakest sportsmen. Although Irakli had, perhaps, the most unfortunate of the possible draws. Surprised last place Krasimir Kostadinov on the right hand in the category of +110, everyone expected him to win prizes. Perhaps he has a trauma; so far we have not received any comments from him.

This is only a small part of what has been happening all these days in Katowice. It's impossible to describe everything. It was necessary to see it. In the near future we will try to present you an interview with the athletes, where they will tell you about how this event was held for them. And our next stop is the World Championships in Hungary. Wait for the news.



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