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Marlena Wawrzyniak - appreciate the moments! >>>

Marlena Wawrzyniak - appreciate the moments! # Armwrestling #

Marlena Wawrzyniak won four medals at the European Championships-2017. The second year in a row! What are her impressions after fourfold success? ()

Marlena Wawrzyniak: I'm very happy! With gold and silver medals became (as one journalist said) twice the phenomenon of the European Championship. Although I was close to winning 4 gold. I'm a little sorry for the final on the left hand among seniors, I lost because of the foul during the referees grip, although I felt motivated and strong. Speaking about the fight on the right hand in the final among senior, I will note that in the preliminary matches I again got injured, but the strength of mind and support of friends and fans led me to the podium, for which I am very grateful.

As I said, I was close to win 4 gold, but I repeat myself: "We need to appreciate the moments of life, because it will not happen again. We need to enjoy every day and live our passions".

I am very grateful for faith, support, hope and motivation to my relatives, friends, sportsmen, as well as the main sponsor of the club "Arm Fanatic Sport" Mariusz Opalinski. I also congratulate all the prize-winners!

PeSzy: in fact, there’s no sportswomen such as Marlena!

Neither among the seniors, nor in the masters category. Neither in Poland, nor in Europe, nor in the world!

At the European Championships last year, this lady from Grudziadz went to the road of record.I mean, no athlete has yet earned four medals in two championships in a row, and in two different age categories. The road opened when Marlena was able to perform in the category of masters.

Although 2016 was not so successful: among the veterans – two gold medals, in the category of seniors - silver and bronze. And now, success at the European Championships in Katowice! Again, two gold among veterans, and in addition – two silver among senior!

The main goal of Marlene is four gold in two categories in one championship.



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