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Vladislavs Krasovskis: "I knew that a real fight was waiting for me" >>>

Vladislavs Krasovskis: "I knew that a real fight was waiting for me" # Armwrestling #

At the last European Championship an excellent fight was shown in junior categories up to 21 years. Some sportsmen pulled in the senior category and showed a very good result there. Vladislav Krasovskis pulled on both hands in two age categories and reached the final both in juniors and senior. ()

Tell us about yourself. How did you come to arm wrestling and why did you choose this sport?

- I am a student, I am studying at the last year of the Riga State Technical School, I get a secondary vocational education. I want to enter the Sports Academy for a physical therapist. I came to arm-wrestling when I was 15 years old. Everything was very spontaneous, I studied with Kaspars Gravis and he asked me to fight on the school desk. At that time, I did not even know that there is such a sport as armwrestling. And even more I did not know that in my city where I live, there are training in armwrestling. Kaspars called me for training, saying that I should try myself in this sport. Arriving for training, I met Raymond Liepins, who trains me to this day. Therefore, I did not choose what kind of sport to do, I just came to the training and I was dragged into the world of armsport. In addition to sports, I work part-time in the guard, I do my studies, I also help to organize competitions in arm-wrestling in my country.

At this championship you showed a good form, pulling in two age categories. Are you preparing for the fight among juniors and seniors differently?

- I do not particularly share juniors and seniors, because I have one training plan, which fits for both juniors and adults. For the preparation of international competitions, it basically take 12 weeks, in which I combine work with iron, technique and sparring. If I feel that something needs to be corrected in the training plan, then I can pay more attention to pulling or iron.

It depends on what needs to be added to reach the peak shape. The main thing in training is discipline in training, and be morally collected.

In the finals on the left hand you met twice with Betkili Oniani. What can you say about such a rival?

- Of course, Betkili Oniani is a very strong athlete. I knew that last year in youth of the same category he became a champion. Therefore, coming to the table, I realized that I was waiting for a good real fight. All athletes are progressing very fast every year and no one can predict who will become the champion. Therefore, for me all athletes are well prepared. Every year Sasho Andreev does not cease to amaze me, I also like how Vitaly Laletin pulls..

This year you pulled on your right hand somewhat worse than in the past. What is the reason?

- The reason of my bad performance this year on my right hand is not clear to me yet. Maybe it depends on the big overload in training or it's just a lack of strength, as all the forces were spent on the left hand.

We did not see your comrade, Kaspars Gravis, at the table ...

- Unfortunately, Kaspars could not come as he is currently abroad. And one of the good reasons is micro-trauma after the Latvian Championship, which took place three weeks before the European Championships.

Share your plans for the future.

- So far, in my plans is to take part at the World Championships, as well as if there is an opportunity, I would like to participate at the Zloty Tour.

Thank you for the conversation, Vladislav! Good luck!

- Thanks for the interview!

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