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Nikolay Kolesnichenko: "I prefer huge weights" >>>

Nikolay Kolesnichenko: "I prefer huge weights" # Armwrestling #

A real sensation in the category of 100 kg was made by the Russian athlete Nikolay Kolesnichenko. ()

We noticed Nikolay at the Russian Championship, he impressed with his form and style of the fight, which he did not change at the European Championships.

Nikolay, tell us about yourself. Why did you choose armwrestling?

- I began to train as an armwrestler since 2003. Before that there were Taekwondo, then amateur bodybuilding. In armwrestling attracts single combat: you are face to face with an opponent, and only you and he. I train myself, somehow I have no coach.

Tell us about your first significant victory in armwrestling and about the most important victory for today?

- The first significant victory for me was at the championship of the Southern Federal District in 2005, and for today it is, of course, Europe.

What do your training look like? How much time do you need to prepare for the competition?

- I treat myself to the old school. I train every day, except Sunday. I prefer huge weights in free style. I love rod pull in the slope. I try to keep my shape constantly, so to be always ready to compete.

If I'm not mistaken, this is your first performance at the European championship, what are your impressions?

- In fact, this is my second European championship, the first was in Mytishchi. There I became the fourth. And this championship I really liked, the best organization from all that I saw.

You showed an excellent result there, who was the most difficult opponent for you? Who surprised you the most?

- Honestly, I am not happy with my pulling. Refereeing was very strict, and it was necessary to adjust to referees. I expected more resistance from Vasili Dautashvili, Aider Allidinov surprised me, he was just a fine fellow. My respect for all rivals. They are great.

And the most interesting thing for me was the confrontation between Levan Saginashvili and Oleg Melentiev.

What are your future plans?

- I plan to get to the Worlds. 100 kg is my category, I feel comfortable in it - neither to gain, nor to lose, and that’s nice.

My dream is to become a deserved master of sports in armwrestling, and then we'll see.

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