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Andrey Pushkar, Alexey Semerenko and Oleg Zhokh: Lviv Open Cup-2017 >>>

Andrey Pushkar, Alexey Semerenko and Oleg Zhokh: Lviv Open Cup-2017 # Armwrestling #

Last weekend in Lviv for the second time the annual open armwrestling tournament - Lviv Open Cup-2017 was held. ()

The Lviv armwrestling federation has established as one of the best in terms of organizing commercial tournaments in Ukraine and every year continues to raise the level of tournaments. This year the championship was held almost in the center of Lviv, thanks to a competent organization it was convenient both for the athletes and for the spectators. It should be noted that the organizers managed to provide a prize fund, which is respectable by the standards of the Ukrainian armwrestling. Anyone could watch the competition thanks to online broadcast. Finals in all categories on both hands and fights of the open class were broadcasted on the national sports channel - XSPORT, and were accompanied by comments.

The level of athletes in each weight category was very high, and the struggle for prizes was very serious.

In the category up to 63 kg there were 8 athletes. The main favorite of the category was an athlete from Kharkiv, the legend of Ukrainian armsport - Dmitry Beskorovainy. As a result, Dmitry was the first with left hand, but on his right hand he failed to take the gold. Dmitry twice lost to Alexander Rassokhin. It is worth noting the younger generation – the third on the right hand was Nazar Savvelyuk, who pulls in junior-18 category.

Category 70 kg was one of the most numerous, but this did not affect the quality of the category. Champions of Ukraine competed from categories 65 kg and 70 kg pulled there. We considered the favorite to be Lviv armwrestler Nikolay Burko. Nikolay reached the final without defeats with left hand, but failed to keep the lead and take the gold. In the finals, he twice lost to Denis Matyash from the Poltava region, who recently became the winner of the European Junior Championships. On the right hand the situation was the opposite for Nikolay, he lost in qualifying matches, but managed to reach the final, where he easily defeated Denis Bychok twice. In general, this category was remembered by a beautiful struggle and very high competition.

The main favorite of the category 78 kg on both hands was Mikhail Gavronsky, the last year's triumphant, then he won his category and the open class right hand.

This time, Mikhail also dealt with all rivals and became a champion. But it is worth noting junior from Ternopil region Yuri Seletsky, who was able to compete with Michael and was very close to victory. This time, Mikhail did not pull in open class.

In the category of 86 kg there were several active champions of Ukraine, and the category was the most numerous. Among all of them, Sergey Pankovets, a sportsman from Kiev, was notable for his strength, and he became a champion in both hands.

95 kg can be called the most competitive category of all in the tournament. If you look at the composition, it is very difficult to single out one favorite. Each category match was exciting and unpredictable. But in the course of the struggle it became apparent that there is a favorite – Igor Paseka. Igor showed an excellent shape, sweeping one by one his rivals. As a result, no one has ever managed to oppose his strength, and Igor has become a champion in both hands.

In the category +95 kg there were the strongest pullers of the world, such as Andrey Pushkar and Oleg Zhokh. After a long absence we saw Alexey Semerenko! Oleg Zhokh came to this tournament only to fight against heavyweights, and did not even participate in his weight, although he showed up to 80 kg on the scales. Oleg easily won Alexey Semerenko and was able to give a worthy fight to AndreyPushkar. Prize three on the left hand - Pushkar, Zhokh, Semerenko. On the right hand, Andrey easily dealt with all, so far no one can fight against him in Ukraine. The second on the right became Semerenko, and the third – Dmitry Ionov from Kiev, the current champion of Ukraine.

In the open weight class on the right hand there were practically no surprises, although the strongest category athletes were declared. The fight was dense, but speaking directly - the athletes fought for 2 and 3 places, since the favorite was clear. As a result, the main trophy was taken by Andrey Pushkar, on the second place – Alexey Semerenko, and on the third - Igor Paseka.

The tournament brought a good fight, long-awaited meetings and left very pleasant impressions. We wish the organizers of the tournament - the Lviv Armwrestling Federation - not to stop and continue to develop our sport at a high level!

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