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Dave Chaffee: “I would like to back up my rankings” >>>

Dave Chaffee: “I would like to back up my rankings” # Armwrestling #

When sportsmen had ended their contracts with WAL we got a chance to see a great tournament in Poland, where all the strongest would participate. Dave Chaffee is one of the most expected there. ()

Dave, are you going to take part at Zloty Tur this year?

– I am hoping to compete at Zloty this year. Have to work out some details first. I never stop training I am always preparing and getting ready for my next challenge..

Whom would you like to see at the table? Who do you think will be your toughest rival?

– My toughest rival depends on who is pulling the Vendettas and who is pulling Zloty. There are so many guys I would love to pull. Would love to pull Trubin and work my way back up the rankings as I'm ranked number 4 in the world and he is number 3. And obviously Pushkar the number one guy.. Although alot smaller, Babayev is so strong in a hook and I would like to feel his power.

In 2013 you pulled with Denis Tsyplenkov and he lost with fouls. What was not enough for you to win clearly?

– In 2013 when I pulled Denis I toprolled him and took his hand. He was in a losing position and bailed out. I thought it should have been a win there.

Then in the straps I did the same thing and unfortunately he fouled out before a clear pin could have been made.

Do you think you can win in the fight with him this time?

– I feel I could beat Denis now. I can take his hand and hang in a hook with him. Also Denis has pulled once since 2014. He quit arm wrestling and started training weight lifting. I don't think he will be the same Denis who ruled the Arm wrestling table back then. Not to take anything away from him but you don't stop training and come back and pull once every three years and expect to be the same puller you were right away...

What do you think about possible pairs for Vendetta?

– As for the possible matches for Vendetta. I think Michael Todd beats Pushkar 4 to 2. I think Devon beats Denis if they pull. Denis won't be the same guy or have enough gas for Devons endurance. I would also really like to see Hutchings vs. Gasparini. Great contrast of styles right there. If all works out I hope to be pulling in Poland this November!

We hope to see Dave Chaffe at the Zloty Tur and wish him to show his best at this championship!

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