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Gabriela Vasconcelos: "Every year I see more women getting stronger" >>>

Gabriela Vasconcelos: "Every year I see more women getting stronger" # Armwrestling #

Brazilian armwrestler Gabriela Vasconcelos will pull in probably one of the most difficult wieght class at this Worlds. What is her motivation? ()

- Gabriela, tell us please, how is your preparation for the Worlds? Will you be ready for the championship for 100%?

- I’m preparing for worlds for a few months already, my training doesn’t change much during national competitions here in Brazil, so my focus is always worlds and now my goal is to keep my strength and resistance during my diet to make 70kg. But I don’t plan on being less than 100%, unless something bad happens. Let’s hope not.

- At the last championship you took a gold double. What motivates you - medals or rivalry? Do not you think that you can move to a higher category?

- I’ve been taking double golds since 2013 in Poland (and also for a few years before 2008), and that was the year I moved down to 70kg as well. I’m still very motivated to continue to be world champion because each and every year I see more women getting stronger. So, I do like medals and titles a lot, but proving myself and keeping myself on top with different opponents isn’t easy as it may seem, so I got enough motivation for years still. I don’t think I’m ready yet to move up class, I would have to beat Irina Makeeva to be world champion, and there some weakness I have to work and improve a lot in order to be able to feel confident to beat her in WAF elimination system.

And pulling a class with the feeling I can’t win, wouldn’t motivate me at all. Maybe I will do it when I feel ready!

- Who do you consider the most difficult rival and why?

- For this world championship and based on last year's, I will consider Brigita Ivanfi (from the host country this year - and that looks stronger in each photo she posts), Vikoria Voronina from Russia, only right hand as she injured left at Europeans, and I cant forget to mention the new girl from Kazakhstan, who is also in junior class (probably this year will be under 21) who got to go to the finals against myself. She will be surely stronger based on her age. Last but not least, Rebeka Martinkovičová from Slovakia that shows a better performance each year.

- Tell, please, about the Brazilian national team. How many athletes will represent the mill at the World Cup and what are your expectations?

- The Brazilian team, this year, will be a very small team. Due to very high prices for plane tickets and hotel wasn’t cheap either, many won’t go. So we will have 9 good athletes representing our country and trying to improve our personal results.

I believe we will have chances of getting medals with 3 of these 9...

- Would be me, Tatiane Faria at 60kg and Chris Rejane at Disable and masters... maybe at senior 55kg.


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