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Dmitry Silaev: “At these Worlds I will show one of my best shapes I have ever done” >>>

Dmitry Silaev: “At these Worlds I will show one of my best shapes I have ever done” # Armwrestling #

Did you miss Dmitry Silaev’s fights? We did. Dmitry did not participate in the European Championships, but at the last World Championships in Bulgaria he pulled very well, and only a finger injury prevented him from showing better results. ()

Dmitry, tell us how is your preparation for the World Cup?

- Preparation for the championship is going according to plan, at the moment this is the final stage. It remains to make three more training sessions and I will continue to rest until the competition.

Do injuries bother you? Do you manage to reach the peak of the form?

- Injuries do not bother me, that's all right. At this World Championship that I will have one of the best forms that I have ever done, I think I can make a worthy competition for all the participants.

Did you follow the fight at the European Championships? What can you say about your category?

- Of course I watched, but I can note that nothing has changed much, all the favorites are in their places. I was just surprised by pulling of Krasimir Kostadinov, apparently something went wrong, as he had planned.

The guys from Georgia, Levan and Gennady, as always, were like "bombs", so I will have somebody to pull with.

Tell us about the preparation of your friend, Vitaly Laletin. Do we expect him to win 110 kg?

- About Vitaly I can say that he will perform as always and win. He is in good shape and now his preparations for the Worlds are taking place in Thailand, he has restorative procedures.

Many are waiting for the debut of your recent rival and teammate - Sergey Bogoslovov. What can you say about him and his chances?

- I can only say about Sergey that he is a very powerful guy and he has experience in fighting strong rivals. I think he would easily win a category of up to 90 kg. If Sergey shows the form that he had at the tournament "Siberian Bear", it is possible that only Sasho Andreev will be able to hold him. In general, this is our guy, and I will be cheering for him.

We wish good luck to this young and talented athlete and look forward to his struggle in Hungary.

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