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Worlds-2017: 85 kg and 90 kg classes surprise >>>

Worlds-2017: 85 kg and 90 kg classes surprise # Armwrestling #

What are the sportsmen of the weight categories 85 kg and 95 kg preparing for us at the upcoming World Championship? ()

Senior men 85 kg

The current champion on the left hand: Oleg Zhokh (Ukraine)

The current champion on the right hand: Sasho Andreev (Bulgaria)

Despite the very good composition in this weight category, it is very likely that the winners are already known. There are Stefan Lengarov, Nurdaulet Sadivakassov, Plamen Dimitrov and others in the start lists, but also there’s Oleg Zhokh. We all know what Oleg is capable to do, so he is the main favorite of this category on left hand. The current champion on the right hand Sasho Andreev moved to a heavier weight category, the silver medalist of the last Worlds Spartak Zoloev also will not take part, as not shown in the national team. But in this category, as well as at the European Championships, Khadzhimurat Zoloev will pull. Also, Oguzhan Kochak and Plamen Dimitrov, with whom Khadzhimurat had to "catch" a bit on Europe, experienced Stefan Lengarov and other good athletes, will again oppose him. But Khadzhimurat for the years of his competitions and victories has proved that no matter in what category he is, he is always a favorite and this championship will not be an exception.

Senior men 90 kg

The current champion on the left hand: Evgeniy Prudnik (Ukraine)

The current champion on the right hand: Khadzhimurat Zoloyev (Russia)

Without exaggeration, we can say that the category of up to 90 kg is the strongest and most interesting. Sasho Andreev, Evgeniy Prudnik, Artem Tainov, Alan Makeev, Sergey Bogoslov, Irakli Gamtenadze - this composition of the category is a dream for any armwrestling fan. It is very difficult to predict how situation will develop in this category. We saw how Sasho Andreev dealt with Evgeniy Prudnik, but Evgeniy is a very clever sportsman, and he said that this defeat would be a motivation for him. High-level athletes with a lightning start, such as Artem Tainov and Alan Makeev, have a high chance of being at the top. Of course, everyone is waiting for Sergey Bogoslov in such a company. Sergey will be a dark horse, he shared with fans through the social networks how he works. Also add his recent victories over the heavyweight tops Vitaly Laletin and Dmitry Silaev. But for Sergey it will be a debut at such championships, and such dense category. Could he cope with all this? We do not undertake to predict, but we will look forward to the development of the class.

Who will be the winner of this category - perhaps, one of the main issues of the upcoming championship. And what do you think about this?

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