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Worlds-2017: heavywieghts review >>>

Worlds-2017: heavywieghts review # Armwrestling #

What do we expect to see from representatives of the most spectacular weight categories 100 kg, 110 kg and +110 kg at the World Championships? ()

Senior men 100 kg

The current champion on the left hand: Georgiy Dzeranov (Kazakhstan)

The current champion on the right hand: Vitaliy Laletin (Russia)

Despite the fact that Vitaly Laletin left this category, the competition in it this year promises to be very serious. Favorite on the left hand, perhaps, is the current champion Georgiy Dzeranov from Kazakhstan, but it will be very interesting, how he will end his meeting with Nikolai Kolesnichenko. In addition to these sportsmen, it is worth mentioning Armen Chapukhyan, whose left hand is very strong, and athletes from Ukraine - Aider Alidinov and Anton Kalyazin. And, of course, it is worth separately highlight Ivan Matyushenko, who missed the national championship and European championship. If Ivan is in a good shape, then he will definitely claim gold. On the right hand, in our opinion, there are two equal favorites - Geogriy Dzeranov and Levan Motsonelidze. These guys didn’t pull with each other yet and it will be interesting to see this. The above-mentioned sportsmen and many others will oppose them, because this category is one of the most numerous in the upcoming championship.

Senior men 110 kg

The current champion on the left hand: Krasimir Kostadinov (Bulgaria)

The current champion on the right hand: Evgeniy Lukianov (Kyrgyzstan)

In this category, Krasimir Kostadinov was confirmed as the leader, but until Vitaliy Laletin joined this category.

At the European Championships in 2017 Vitaliy participated in this category for first time and easily defeated all rivals, including Krasimir. The main contenders for gold will be these two. On the right hand Krasimir does not pull here, so despite a pretty good line-up, we believe that only Evgeniy Lukianov, the current champion, could seriously compete with Vitaliy Laletin, but he is not on the start lists.

Senior men +110 kg

The current champion on the left hand: Levan Saginashvili (Georgia)

The current champion on the right hand: Genady Kvikvinia (Georgia)

In the heaviest weight category, a couple of friends from Georgia - Levan Saginashvili and Genady Kvikvina are ruling. It is logical to assume that they will again rise to the top of the pedestal. But Dmitriy Silaev, who skipped the European Championship, will join the favorites, and we do not know in what shape he is. Also in this category is stated Ferit Osmanli (Farid Usmanov), who has a great experience and victories over many of the strongest arm wrestlers. And, of course, Krasimir Kostadinov, who once again will try to storm the heavyweight division. On the Zloty Tour-2017 Krasimir was in good shape and defeated the current champion in superheavyweights Genady Kvikvina. We believe that no one can defeat Levan Saginashvili with his left hand, and he will become even stronger as a leader of this category, but on the right hand above-mentioned guys have chances to take the lead from the Georgian tandem. And what do you think about this?

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