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Worlds-2017 weight classes review, p.1 >>>

Worlds-2017 weight classes review, p.1 # Armwrestling #

The world championship has come to the end, emotions have a little calmed down. Who was the main surprise of the competition? ()

Women's categories

In the female categories there were sensations. In the lightest category, the sportswoman from Turkey Esra Kiraz overcame Snezhana Babaeva on both hands, reclaiming the defeat of the last championship and became the champion. In the category of 55 kg everyone expected one of the three favorites - Victoria Ilyushina, Alina Volkova or Dimitrina Dimitrova at the highest pedestal stage, but the girls from Kazakhstan had other plans. Tatyana Verina won each of them in the dominant style and became a champion in both hands. Let's note that on the left hand the second one was also the representative of Kazakhstan - Aigerim Karamanova. It seems that new top members have appeared in this complicated category.

In categories up to 60 and 65 kg, the main favorites confirmed our expectations and took gold medals - Ekaterina Afonina and Fia Risek respectively.

In the category of up to 70 kg, Dmitri Trubin's wife, Tatiana, pulled for the first time, and she showed a very good fight. Tatiana defeated many strong rivals and lost only to the incredible Gabriela Vasconcelos, who once again became the world champion. Two silver - this is an excellent debut for Tatiana at the Worls.

 But in the category of up to 80 kg we saw a big sensation, in preliminary fights on the left hand the unconditional favorite of the category Irina Makeeva unexpectedly lost to the junior from Kazakhstan - Oksana Pismennaya. It seemed that Irina would come out in the finals and put everything in order, but Oksana again overcame her and this, perhaps, is one of the biggest sensations lately.

On the right hand Oksana did not pull for unknown reasons, and Irina easily took the gold.

In the category of over 80 kg, Antonina Lissyanskaya from Kazakhstan was able to surprise everyone again and defeat the main challenger Egle Vaitkute ​​on left arm twice and become the champion. On the right hand Antonina did not pull, but anyway the composition of category was good, but no one could compete with Egle.

Men's categories

In men under 55 kg, an unbelievable performance was shown by junior from Russia Musa Bayramkulov, who reached the final without defeats, and met one of the favorites - Levani Pogosiani. The guys needed a super final to see the strongest, and it was an athlete from Russia. In the fight on the right hand Dauren Absattar from Kazakhstan excellent passed qualifying matches and reached the finals without defeats. But in the final he was to meet with experienced Pogosiani, who had the strength and experience to win in the final and super-final match.

In the category of up to 60 kg, we were waiting for the next triumph of the European Champion in senior class, a junior from Turkey Emre Albaz, but he did not pull very well. The highest was Imeda Chincharauli from Georgia, who easily dealt with each of his rivals and took the gold. But on the right hand Imeda stopped in one step from the prize three. In the final part were two juniors from Kazakhstan and an experienced Russian Roman Tserekaev. In the semi-final Roman confidently passed Rustembek Talgatbek, and he was waiting for the final with the second junior. Roman gave a very good fight, but could not win, the champion was Nurdaulet Aidarkhan, who defended his title last year.

To be continued :)

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