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Worlds-2017 weight classes review, p. 2 >>>

Worlds-2017 weight classes review, p. 2 # Armwrestling #

Worlds-2017 weight classes review, p. 2 ()

The fight in the category of up to 70 kg was one of the longest in time. The composition was very strong - Arthur Makarov, Zair Ahmedov, Emil Amirshadyan, Mindaugas Tarasaitis and others. Excellent fights were shown by Valentin Gospodinov from Bulgaria, who on his left hand won Engin Terzi and Zair Akhmedov in eliminations and pulled to reach the final. In the final on the left hand the European champion Mindaugas Tarasaitis came without defeats, and it seemed that gold was in his pocket. But Daniel Procopciuk from Moldova also wanted to get this gold, he lost to Engin in the preliminary, but then he swept away everyone on his way. In the struggle for reaching the semi-final Daniel defeated the current champion - Emil Amirshadyan, in the semifinals - Valentin Gospodinov, and in the final in two strong-willed duels he defeats Mindaugas Tarasaitis and becomes the world champion on his left hand. Bravo!

On the right hand, Daniel withdrew after one or two fights, and we do not know why yet. A good fight was shown by Sergey Yermolchik from Kazakhstan, who put all 100% in each of his duel, and every victory was great work. Also note the junior from Georgia Irakli Zirakashvili, who did not have one victory to get into the top three. Semifinal on the right hand turned out to be competitive and tense, and Emil Amirshadyan defeated Mindaugas Taraasitis. But in the finals, the main favorite for the right hand was Arthur Makarov from Russia. Emil managed to slip but Arthur is too strong. If Arthur Makarov does not move into another weight category, he will be in leaders of 70 kg class for a long time.

The category of 75 kg is full of talented athletes and there are many contenders for victory here. But, perhaps, no one will argue that the heroes of this category were two juniors, two permanent rivals - Betkili Oniani and Vladislavs Krasovskis.

These guys are made of steel, they had two days of hard struggle among juniors and after that they both took part in senior class. Betkili became the champion on the left hand, both in juniors and in seniors, and Vladislavs became the second. They left behind Magzhan Shamiev, Vrezh Sedrakyan, Talgat Aktayev, Khetag Dzitiev and other strong guys, and it's just incredible. On the right hand in senior class Vladislavs pulled, and he again surprised everyone by writing down on his account a victory over the then acting champion Shynbolat Raikhanov. After, in the semifinals, he defeated the multiple champion, his team-mate - Janis Amolins. Vladislavs could not cope only with David Samushia, who skated the rink according to the category and became the champion. Betkili and Vladislavs deserve special attention and respect.

The category up to 80 kg, and again incredible juniors. The real sensation of this category was the junior from Bulgaria Bozidar Simeonov, who became the champion on both hands in senior class and champion on the right among juniors. As a result of the championship, no one managed to overcome this young athlete. Zurab Tavberidze once again stormed this category, and he is second (on the left hand) again. Recall that the athlete said that this championship will be his last in this category. Let's note one more junior - Alizhan Muratov from Kazakhstan, who became champion in junior-21 and bronze medalist in the senior class on the left hand. On the right hand, two European champions Viorel Dobrin (the champion on the left hand) and Georgiy Tautiev (the champion on the right hand) pulled well. These guys pull in a similar style, so the fight was on the edge, as a result, the victory went to Viorel. But in the final Bozhidar Simeonov was already waiting for his victim, and he took the third gold of the Worlds there.

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